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Registration for weight training and high school students will remain open until June 17th. Online Registration for students currently in grade 8 and younger is now closed. You always have access to log back into your Summer School account to review your registrations.

Registration System: Summer School has a new registration system in 2018. The registration system is similar to online shopping. You will be selecting courses and adding them to your shopping cart. Once you completed all your selections, you will check out. Items will be reserved for you in your cart for up to 30 minutes. If you fail to check out within 30 minutes, the item/s will be released back to the general public.

Fees: Summer school fees will be spent on consumable materials/supplies for the applicable class. Fees are as noted in the catalog and online. The District does waive fees for those families who are eligible for the federal free or reduced price lunch program. Families who have submitted the proper paperwork will have their summer school fees automatically waived during the registration process. The District encourages families with financial need to complete the paperwork and seek the fee waiver if applicable. Contact Business Services for more information at 849-2000 ext.8491.

Payment Information: Payment is due at time of registration. The Summer School Online Registration System requires payment in order to complete registration. The online system requires payment by debit/credit card at time of check out. There is a small processing fee. Families choosing classes that have no fees (the total of their cart is $0.00) will be able to check out without a debit/credit card. If you need to pay with cash or check, you will have to register in person at the Summer School office or the Aquatics Center (swim classes only).

Refunds: Refunds will not be provided for any summer school registrations. The Waunakee Community School District makes decisions on staffing levels and course supplies/materials based on your selections during the registration process. As a result, please do not register for any classes that your student may not attend. Thanks for your consideration.

Non-Resident Registration: Non-residents may participate after registration has closed for residents. Non-resident registration is subject to course availability and subject to additional class fees. Remedial courses are not available for non-residents. A non-resident student who was approved for open enrollment during the current 2017-2018 school year, can register and participate in Summer School 2018 in the same manner as a district resident.

Language options: The Summer School registration system is available in more than 50 languages. To change the language displayed on the screen, find the word ‘Language’ in the upper right side of the screen. Click on the drop down arrow to the right of it. Select the language you would like by clicking on it.

Transportation: If you are eligible for busing, you are required to sign up for Summer School bus transportation even if during the school year you are on a regular bus route. During summer school online registration if you are registering for a course that is eligible for transportation and being offered the first class period of the day, you will be given the option to add transportation to school. If you are registering for a course that is eligible for transportation and being offered the last class period of the day, you will be given the option to add transportation from school. If your student is eligible to receive transportation and you would like them to be transported you are required to add the transportation option as a part of your Summer School registration. If your student is not eligible to receive transportation or you do not want to add that option, select the ‘Continue’ button and proceed with the rest of your registration.

Transportation options are to/from your home address. If you would like transportation to/from an address other than your home (example: daycare provider, babysitter, grandparent, etc.), you are required to request the alternate transportation option. Families selecting the alternate transportation option will receive an email in early May. The email will contain a link to the Alternate transportation form. The form is where you provide specific details regarding your transportation request. Alternate transportation requests and applicable payments must be submitted by Friday, May 18th. Forms and deadlines are available at: www.waunakee.k12.wi.us : Summer School—Transportation.

Elementary Courses: The title of all the elementary courses this year have been changed to include the school where the class is located. Each class will have one of the following abbreviations for the elementary school building the class is located at: