We are looking for a private tour via boat or jeep for a party of 5 – review of cozumel cruise excursions – private tours, cozumel, mexico – tripadvisor f gas regulations 2015


First, I want to resolve some concerns about the booking process. When I was initially booking, there were new TripAdvisor reviews posted about not being able to contact the company and/or not receiving the promised confirmation e-mail. When I booked, I paid the deposit ($21 p/person) through PayPal on CCE origin electricity login’s website for the 5 people in our buggy tour and received an automated response but NOT the personalized confirmation and invoice. After communicating with PayPal, I finally received an e-mail from John, who explained that due to his wife’s illness, he was behind on correspondence. He immediately sent my confirmation e-mail, which included an invoice and detailed instructions for meeting our guide at the cruise port. I e-mailed him again to add my parents to the reservation and to switch from a buggy to a jeep (since he had indicated that the jeep would provide a more comfortable ride). So, all was well, communication-wise, and I felt confident in the credibility of this company. Within a few days of departing for our cruise on Allure of the Seas, two of my sisters also booked the tour–with buggies. They received the automated e-mail but NOT the detailed confirmation. I re-assured my sisters, and we hoped we’d see the guides for both groups and have the right number of jeeps and buggies reserved for us. Just an FYI on the meeting time listed on your reservation. It is Cozumel time. Our cruise ship stayed on ship’s time, which was Eastern time. Cozumel time is Central time (one hour earlier than Eastern). We arrived early at the meeting spot, just in case there would be problems: But there were not. CCE had received all our requests–a jeep and buggy tour for a total of 16 people. We had two tour guides assigned to us, and we decided electricity song to travel together, some of us in the requested jeeps and some of us in the requested buggies. We realized we had been billed full price for one of our children, and our guide immediately called the office, and then gave a cash refund to my sister. So, from the beginning we felt totally assured in the professionalism of the company. (Note that you pay the balance of your trip before the tour begins and in cash. We used US dollars.) We knew in advance we would need to drive stick–so no problem. And we knew the buggies and jeeps would be a bit worn (i.e., some broken seat belts, no radio, engine light on, etc.); all four vehicles ran fine. It is true, the r gas constant jeeps are much more comfortable (leather seats), and you can put up the top if it rains or if the sun is too intense. But our family members also loved the buggies because of the adventurous ride. So, it’s probably just preference. Our guides, JC (or Jose Carlos) and Jared rode ahead in their jeep, and we all followed. On the way to Playa Uvas to snorkle, they pulled over and took photos of all of us in our vehicles. Jared said he was our personal paparazzi–both JC and Jared took great photos! They also provided us with free bottled water (beer is available, too–we don’t drink). The snorkeling gear (included in the price) was decent quality. The water was quite clear, and there was A LOT of fish activity, even right at the ocean’s edge. Both JC and Jared got in the water with us to assist small children and my parents. They pointed out fish and made sure everyone had a great experience. They gave us a general timeline duke electric orlando for snorkeling (about 70 minutes), but said we could stay longer. We ended up staying 1 1/2 hours. Next, we traveled to Punta Sur (entrance fee included), where we learned about a Mayan ruin, spotted crocodiles, and climbed a lighthouse. We got interesting information along the way, and JC and Jared continued to take photos and provide a very personable and unrushed visit. We saw a small tour bus come in, and it seemed like the people were quickly ushered in and out, with barely a chance for photos. We had a fajita lunch (price included) at a restaurant/beach club. We paid for drinks ($3 for soda cans, about $7 for mixed drinks), and a few family members ordered extra food (chips/salsa, fish tacos). I felt the meal was filling enough, but after snorkeling, you could work up an appetite and may want to order extra food. The restaurant takes credit cards. The beach there was beautiful! We momentarily played in the surf (although some j gastroenterol hepatol family members would have preferred to stay longer) before visiting a local artisan’s personal shop for souvenirs. Felipe at Casa del Jaguar was very friendly and patient with all of us. His prices were fair (cash only) for beautiful hand-painted pottery (bowls, masks, etc.). Again, JC and Jared never rushed us. When we returned to the port, we were sad to part company. We felt like we had two new family members. JC and Jared posed with us for a group photo, and we gave warm embraces in farewell. I really don’t think we could have had a better experience! I highly recommend Cozumel Cruise Excursions. Don’t stress if e-mail communication with them is slow. They will meet you at the port, and they will provide you a very personable, customized day in Cozumel!

Easy electricity 1 unit how many watts booking for this excusion . We were on the carnaval Paradise 3/14/15 and had a little walk to the meeting place. There are about ten diamond international stores so look for the hard rock cafe guitar. The time difference did confuse us a bit. Our booking time was 10:00 so since ship time was an hour ahead we arived at 9:00 island time. They were there at 9:30 and we started our jeep tour. JC was the best tour guide, a fourth generation islander who knew all the great spots to take us away from the crowds. They did personalize our tour to what we wanted to do.We really enjoyed the east side of the island where there is no electricity as it has gorgeous beaches, blow holes and relaxing hammocks. Cruise ship tours do not go there so it is very private. JC was so knowledgable about the history of the island and took us to the small community where the mestizo people live. We also visited the organic tequlia shop. It was a great day. We got a lot of great pictures of my husband and I since JC was also our photographer. I would request another place to have lunch but we would definitly use this group again. We had just a great time, Ask for JC as he is a fantastic guide!!!

Let me just say that the company was easy to work with us electricity hertz, they provided what was stated on the website and the guides were very accommodating. However, there were a few issues, the first was that it was not as easy to find as they had said. Not being able to get there from here when we got off the ship, we had to navigate though a lot of vendors just to get out of the cruise terminal. Once we got to the dock, it was a very scary few wooden slats nailed to the side of a wooden dock to get into the (small) boat which was rocking heavily on the gasbuddy login waves. The guides were very helpful in getting us on off the boat (off was even more difficult) but still a dangerous situation. It was a long boat ride to the Palancar Reef (and back) but I pretty much expected this. It’s certainly not their fault that the Reef itself was a big disappointment. The coral looked mostly brown, not much variety in either coral or fish. I was under the impression that this was part of the second best reef in the world. Not so much. Getting out of the water back onto the boat was difficult on a vertical ladder, I had to wait till the boat rocked the right way before I could get in, even with the help of the guide. I gave them an average review because the staff was great and they did deliver as promised, but electricity research centre the dock situation was terrible dangerous and the boat was really small. In general I would not be interested in ever going to Cozumel again.

We reserved this excursion online and enjoyed it so very much! The booking was super easy and our very nice guide Carlos was waiting right outside the port when we arrived. Carlos took us on a great tour of the island! He let my boyfriend drive the dune buggy around the island (which he enjoyed a lot!) (Be advised there are no seat belts, no speedometer, and no real traffic laws there so you have to be an adventurous driver!) Carlos started by taking us to a gorgeous beach and took us out snorkeling himself. He showed us a huge amount of sea life! The snorkeling was some of the best we have ever done! It was worth the money for the day just for this one experience. I guarantee you we paid less than the people that booked snorkeling through the ship! After snorkeling, Carlos took us to a park where we got to see a crocodile bog, a few ruins, iguanas, and climb up a lighthouse that had beautiful views of the island. Then we drove the buggy out to a restaurant where we had great chicken fajitas (included in the price of the day) and paid a little extra for frozen margaritas and chips and salsa (all great and very fresh!) Carlos ended the gas 87 89 93 day by taking us to a Tequila tasting, which was nice, but we didn’t decide to buy (and also were not pressured to buy.) For those people who only book excursions through the cruise ship…STOP! You are wasting money! This company is very trustworthy and reliable.