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In a chat with ET Now, Daljeet Singh Kohli, Head of Research, IndiaNivesh, says Coal India is a long-term bet. C gastronomie vitam KEC International and HSIL among midcaps are favourites

Daljeet Singh Kohli: Yes and in fact, Reliance has been our top pick in last calendar year 2015 and we have again added it in the top 10 for calendar year 2016. Electricity nw The Rs 1300 target is based on FY18 numbers where we feel most of this expansion plans would have started yielding results. Electricity prices by state We are bullish on Reliance mainly because of two things that they have done – one is the petcoke gasification plant which will add to the margins of the refining business by almost $2-2.5 per barrel. Gas exchange in the lungs occurs in the Already, Reliance is enjoying a very high margin spread. Gas pump icon This will add to that and it will also take care of any kind of fluctuation in margins over a period of time in their Singapore margins whenever that happens. Electricity definition physics Second, the expansion in petrochemical side where they have almost doubled their capacity. 100 gas vs 10 ethanol Now at this time, petrochemical doubling capacity may not be a very good idea because prices are going down but once this cycle turns around in next one, one-and-a-half years, they will have double the capacity and the cycle will be in their favour. H gas l gas That will again add to the margins. Gas hydrates india So suddenly, you will see in two years’ time, their margins will jump very significantly and the numbers will also improve in absolute terms. A gas station near me This overhang about telecom has been talked about many a times. Gas emoji meaning We have not built in anything from telecom because we feel that within the next two years, they will probably be beating the competition. Gas exchange in the lungs takes place in the It would not add anything to their kitty but given all these things, we came to the conclusion that Reliance is a good buy and at Rs 1300 will be 10 or 11 times of FY18, which again is not a very steep price to pay.

Daljeet Singh Kohli: Yes, that basically goes with the fact that in the last one year, Coal India production has grown in a manner which has been unprecedented in the last 50 years. Gas problem in babies Now that is purely because of the changes and the impetus from the coal ministry but at the same time, the company has shown the execution. Static electricity definition science So we have to give them the credit for that. Gas yojana They have already signed an MOU with the Government of India that by 2020 they will double the production from 500 million to one billion ton. Gas examples matter Even if we assume that this target will not be met because this will mean that they will grow at CAGR of around 8-10 per cent or so. Electricity ground explained If we assume that they will go at less than 5-6 per cent which means that this target will be stretched to 2025. Gas vs diesel Even then, we assume only a price increase of 4 per cent CAGR. 76 gas card payment Then also, we see that the cash flow generation and the numbers will add up to much more than what they are currently. Grade 6 electricity quiz So Coal India is a high dividend yield company. C gastritis im antrum They will probably continue with their monopoly status for the next many years. Grade 9 static electricity quiz The demand from power producers is slightly slackening, but there is enough requirement in cement and in other industries which they can tap with this new change in the policy about captive usages. O gastronomo So I think Coal India again is a long-term bet. Gas in texas Again, these are stocks which we put them into 2020 Series like if you are buying for five years view then also this will qualify for that.

Daljeet Singh Kohli: I think my view is slightly different from other panellists. Electricity vampires Taking the cue from what had happened when Japan had gone into negative rates, the yen behaved in a different manner. Electricity and magnetism ppt It depreciated and then within next 30 minutes, it started moving the other way round. Electricity production in china Now what it simply means is that people have lost faith in this particular instrument of liquidity creation. Electricity dance moms full episode I think in the last one week, the movement ffrom 7000 to 7500 has come purely on expectation that ECB will have a big stimulus and even if it comes, I think that will be the peak. Gas appliance manufacturers association So probably we will see that markets will understand again whatever good they do will come back and say that it has fallen short of our expectation. Gas prices going up 2016 Therefore, market will start reacting negatively. Electricity generation by source This phenomenon of providing continuous liquidity is going to lose its strength day by day and we will see more volatility coming in. Gas in oil pressure washer Therefore, we are not in a hurry to recommend any fresh buy. Origin electricity login Stock specific, of course, each stock has its own merit to buy or sell so that’s what we have been talking about.

ET Now: I just want to come back to some specific recommendations that you have at this point. British gas jokes From the midcap space, you are looking at a KEC International and an HSIL as well. Power vocabulary words Why do you like both these names?

Daljeet Singh Kohli : See KEC International basically is a play on power transmission. Y gasset We have seen this budget also has given some impetus to electrifying more number of villages and doubling the capacity. 5 gases that come from car emissions This will mean more order flow for these kind of companies and KEC actually occupies a significant space in PGCIL’s order booking. Gas in back shoulder So that gives a clear visibility of order coming in from the transmission side and that transmission itself makes around 80 per cent of the total business. Power definition physics electricity The only hiccup for KEC has been that 50 per cent of their business comes from West Asian countries where they are doing these EPC work and a lot of transmission work and that has not been going very well. Electricity test physics But to offset some of that, they have gone into railways and water treatment etc which is right now only 10 per cent of the business but that is improving very fast. Electricity in india voltage We believe that they are all levers for this company to perform over the next one, one-and-a-half years and the stock has already come off almost 30 per cent in the last few months. Gas near me now This means that it is quite attractive. Gas pump emoji Despite the stock coming off and financials not playing out very well, the company has been repaying its debt which means that their cash flow position is much better as compared to their peers. Gas in oil tank So that gives confidence on the company’s future performance and therefore we have buy rating with the target of Rs 188.

On HSIL, basically it is again a reiteration. Npower electricity meter reading It is a play on the housing for all theme, the Swachh Bharat theme. Electricity per kwh calculator All these things are actually good for companies which cater to this consumption demand. K electric share price forecast If housing does well, then automatically they are the beneficiaries and in terms of the company’s own operational performance, in the last nine months they have done very well. Power outage houston zip code Both the divisions, glass division was an always an overhang for them. Electricity origin It was not performing in the last year but this year all nine months it has performed well. Electricity in water So which means that half the business has come back to shape. Electricity word search The remaining half continues with its good growth that means that overall, the company is likely to continue on a growth path and we continue to be positive about HSIL. Electricity experiments for preschoolers Although we have reduced our target from Rs 400 plus to Rs 329 now, I think so that is basically the multiple reduction, otherwise all the numbers remain the same.