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Women make up just 4% of the construction trades. Build Together – Women of the BC Building Trades are taking steps to change that. gas in dogs Their team is made up of female journeypersons and apprentices from across the trades. They work to promote the trades for women and expand opportunities. This panel will highlight three women in trades and explore their journey through the trades.

It’s often said there’s no substitute for experience. electricity 1 unit how many watts On their way to becoming leaders in British Columbia’s technology industry, our panelists encountered many expected and unexpected challenges, while learning some valuable lessons. Join us as they share their stories of success and provide some valuable advice about what it took for them to make their mark in BC’s booming tech sector.

Based on the popular in school presentation program that SkillsBC provides to students in communities across the Province, the InSPIRE: 4Her program will include a variety of hands-on activities, team challenges and informative career related videos from a female perspective. The InSPIRE program provides students with a new perspective on skilled trades and technology careers by connecting these careers to classroom subjects and students’ passions. The program also provides useful industry resources and links to educational pathways.

Your team will conceptualize a product. electricity electricity song With the help of an investment banker, discover the process of securing capital to develop and launch your product and learn how you can finance Canada’s future. Should you seek out a corporate banker? Someone from debt capital markets? Who else is available to you? You’ll have the opportunity to meet capital markets professionals from diverse areas of the industry, including Investment Banking, Private Equity, Corporate Banking, Equity Capital Markets and Debt Capital Markets, who will help you along the path to financing the future.

Zombies are inhabiting an abandoned power plant and attacking trespassers. The unearthing of an Egyptian tomb has unleashed a curse that could wipe out entire species. c gastritis An island of robots is poised to bring international shipping trade to a halt. electricity and circuits physics Working in teams, you will combat these potential world-wide catastrophes while exploring the principles of biological engineering. Choosing from a set of genes, you will design a custom make plasmid (a small piece of DNA you can add to bacteria) with the traits it will take to save the world!

During this interactive workshop participants will discover how they can recognize and overcome unconscious bias to help build inclusive schools, workplaces and society that honours diversity. They will be inspired by storytellers who share their own encounters with unconscious bias and what they did to overcome it to become inclusive leaders.

What’s it like working for a video games company? Join professionals from Electronic Arts as they share their day-to-day experiences creating some of the world’s most popular games, built right here in Vancouver! You’ll learn how a diverse team with different educations, skills and experiences (artists, animators, software developers, business analysts, ux designers, designers, project managers, quality analysts, etc.) work together to build exciting interactive games and experiences that entertain millions of people across the globe. You’ll also learn more about what it takes to succeed in the video games industry and how your skills and interests may be the right fit for a career in the gaming sector.

Do you ever come across things you know you could improve, if only you had the right tools and skills? In this UBC workshop, you’ll learn how to apply the design thinking process to better understand and address design issues and everyday challenges. You’ll learn how to apply your own unique perspectives, experiences and creativity to solving problems. These are essential skills for any career and will improve your ability to influence change as a future leader working to help people and communities and build a better world.

Being a business leader means more than being good at math, knowing how to program, or having great grades. You need to have “Super Soft Skills” and that means knowing how to communicate, show leadership, problem-solve, and think critically. Come learn how to solve complex problems and create impact in the workforce by putting your soft skills to work.

We all experience fear, self-doubt and the pressure to perform. These feelings can either hold you back or you can use them in a way that will help you achieve success through school, university, early career, and in your personal life. electricity flow direction In this session you will learn how you can “turn down” the pressure and “turn up” your energy, so you can focus on your objectives and reach your life’s full potential.