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We finished up at a little beach side resort to snorkel and have lunch. We were served some of the BEST chicken fajitas I… From our travels I have learned that some of the BEST excursions when you get off of a cruise ship cannot be booked through the cruise lines. That is how I came across this company. My wife and I had been to Cozumel before (for our honeymoon) but never z gastroenterol journal got to see the island because we took a snorkeling excursion. This time, I wanted to see more than a snorkel boat! We had to walk from the cruise ship to meet our driver, Jared at one of the local stores not too far away. The only things that caught me off guard was, I was asked electricity facts to drive (instead of our tour guide). Jared was great! He was born and raised on the island and knew a lot about it. He directed us through the city to one of the local Tequila tours which was pretty cool. After sampling some of the Tequila, Jared took the wheel! There was also cold beer in a cooler in the Jeep (BONUS!) We drove along the eastern coast which is all primitive with no electricity and down to Punta Sur where we got to see an alligator hanging out under the electricity and circuits class 6 ppt dock, we climbed the lighthouse and then had an up close encounter with a Coatimundi by our Jeep! We finished up at a little beach side resort to snorkel and have lunch. We were served some of the BEST chicken fajitas I have ever had! After we ate, Jared dropped us off very close to the port where the ship was and made this one of my favorite trips to date!! Thanks to Cozumel Cruise Excursions and to Jared for the great time!!! I would highly recommend you to ANYONE who visits!!! More Show less

We had the absolute best day with Yared Delgado! He spoke perfect English, was so kind and fun. He showed us a wonderful day around Cozumel. He was amazing at telling us the history electricity and magnetism and fun facts at each location that we stopped at. If you do an excursion please ask for Yared you will not be disappointed. Our first stop was snorkling he helped us with fitting our masks and then taught us how to use the snorkle before entering the ocean. He was our guide as we explored the ocean, he found us a stingray, lobster, coral reef and many amazing fish. My daughter was scared at first, and he stayed with her helping her to feel more comfortable with a lifeguard floation device. After snorkling we went electricity trading hedge funds to Punta Sur. We saw some Myan ruins and he told us about the history of each one. We saw a crocodile and found out that there are 5,000 on the island, We climbed up 133 steps of a lighhouse and enjoyed spectacular view of the ocean. He took us on a tour of the lighthouse home and explained how life was for the people that lived there and took care of the lighthouse. It was so interresting. Our feet were sandy and he brought us a bucket of water to rinse of before continuing with the tour. I wanted to try an ice cold coconut. He took us to a hut on the side of the road and we had the most amazing drinks that I have every had in my life. We tried the ice cold coconut, it was refreshing, then they cut the meat out for us to try, next we tried a mango drink with lime and chili and a wonderful electricity towers health risks pinacoloda!!!!! Our next stop was a delicious fajita meal it was amazing. The rest of the day was spent at the beach. Yared stayed with us the whole time. He rescued us from crashing waves and helped us back on our feet. My daughter wanted a seashell and he found one for her to take back with her. I loved our day in cozumel and can’t wait to return. I will definitely use Cozumel cruise excursions the next time we return.

I wanted an excursion where I was NOT lumped into a bus or van with 9 million other tourists from the cruise ship. I really did my research electricity projects ks2 and did go with Cozumel Cruise Excursions. We did the private Jeep tour. I had prompt email from John that gave excellent directions and told me what to do and look for. Hubby and I made it to the meeting point with high hopes. We wanted to do our own thing and hang out together. Everyone was super friendly from Cozumel Cruise Excursions. Our assigned driver was Jonny Bravo and he was amazing! What an awesome guy..so super friendly! He had a fun upbeat personality. He really listened electricity quiz 4th grade when we decided what we wanted..we visited El Cedral which is very cool and locals are working hard on that area…we visited the light house, toured the east side of the island, did the tequila tasting and went to see them make chocolate! We were never rushed and we had a pretty tasty lunch of fajitas. On a side note: my hubby has looked for a few years for a tradional Mexican yberra (?) linen shirt in his size to no avail..a vendor in El Cedral told us where to get one in the downtown market where the locals go. Johnny went out of his way to make sure my hubby at least got the opportunity to try to purchase one and HE DID! We found one in his size. I was so impressed electricity games online free by this company as a whole. I will book again when we go back…we were back to the ship in plenty of time..they really do care that you’ve had a good time. The supervisor called us at the end of our tour to make sure we had a great time. Class A service all the way around.