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Kauai Mopeds are the best! Rustan sgas belfast and Tracy are owners have provided their great service three separate times for us. Their service is fantastic and they deliver what they promise. We book them way advance to ensure we have the mopeds and especially if you are rent 3 or more. They also will deliver and pick up. They’ll training and safety tips to include a map mp electricity bill payment online indore. Pad locks are provided and be sure you lock up the front wheel and attach to the body of the main moped especially if you know you’ll be away from the bike for a very long time including where you are staying. Plus they will help electricity gif you by phone if you get stuck or can’t get it start if you’re not familiar with the bike. Kauai is the only island I rent the mopeds. The island is less congested and the locals are very nice and considered to the riders plus I feel safe among traffickers. Riding a moped doesn’t require a license unless your renting a scooter. Having the mopeds electricity water analogy were so convenient to go just about anywhere. Gas well last for ever and you won’t run out. We rented for 3 days and its worth it. If you are choosing gas pain, Choose Kauai Mopeds More Show less

My new wife and I rented scooters while on honeymoon on Kauai (actually was June of 2012 I didn’t know about trip advisor until a year or so ago). We were looking for things to do since we didn r gas constant kj’t book anything but the luau in advance, BIG MISTAKE. That time of year is busy, harder to get some things booked on a whim, like zip-line tours, helicopter tours with the doors off, and a few other things we wanted to do and ultimately couldn’t. We grabbed the gas and bloating after miscarriage laptop, googled fun things to do on Kauai and somewhere on the first page, BAM!! There was Kaui-Moped. Grabbed the phone, gave em a call, and we had scooters dropped off that day with a thorough run down and operational instruction as well. The prices were perfect, didn’t break gas mask tattoo the bank, actually, compared to most of the tourist junk, it was dirt cheap. We tossed on our riding gear, aka shorts, tank b games unblocked tops, shades, and keen sandals haha. You want the closed toe sandals there, most things require them, or will rent you some…We strapped on the gopro and set out for the ride of our lives haha. Actually, it kind of was. Just putting through the tunnel of trees heading from Poipu towards Lihue, the scenery was just awesome. Jumped on the electricity and circuits main highway and we were finally off and running. He hit Starbucks in Lihue and grabbed a drink before embarking on our next adventure, which was cruising up the Kapaa. Cruising these lil bikes along the coast gas key bolt carrier was fun. Being able to kind of pull over virtually anywhere and take in the scenery was just perfect. We planned to hit the falls, but it rained us out. Actually, that was the only day time rain we experienced, but it didn’t rain on our parade so to say…We still had fun cruising em around. The service was professional, friendly, and prompt. I don’t recall now electricity and magnetism ppt the guy’s name who helped us and handled the delivery and pickup of the scooters, but he was great. Friendly and helpful in saving us from being lame tourists and making gas exchange in the lungs occurs in the the locals mad..He did so by giving great advice…Stay out of the way of the cars on the highways lol. Best advice. He also hooked up some maps of great places to cruise electricity and magnetism worksheets. We had such a good time, we are booking them again this year when we go back in October for 2-3 days instead of the 1 day. No mechanical issues at all, just turn the key, push the button and you are off! Thanks kaui-moped for the great memories your scooter rental service provided us.