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I think the BOE, its members and the Superintendent might be under the impression that they are not accountable to the people of Hartford or its taxpayers. The reckless spending detailed in two of my previous posts are in the links below, but yet the reckless spending continues.

Recently, Joseph Sikora , retired as the Director of Security for the Hartford Schools. Sikora was a retired Lieutenant from the Hartford Police Department before going over to HPS.I am not sure what the selection process was to replace Sikora. At least three sources familiar with the process told me that BOE Chair Craig Stallings pushed for retired HPD Chief Daryl Roberts to ascend to the position of Security Director for the Hartford Schools.

According to sources, the role of the Executive Director essentially will be to oversee Roberts and control his interactions with the Superintendent. This has been verified by the HPS spokesperson Zayas who stated that Roberts will be reporting to the ‘Executive Director"

Batchelder did not "have to close" they met enrollment this BOE just wanted that address for the Montessori program..and HTFD tax payers can pay the huge transportation costs for busing those poor kids (489) all over the city and will also bear the burden of paying for all the other foolish choices including going back to middle schools after changing to Pre-K to 8 schools years earlier. The busing and renovation costs will be through the roof.. The main reason middle schools were changed over years back was to eliminate gang activity with students of the same vulnerable age group all in one building but the super would not be privy to that history so is dumb enough to repeat Hartford’s problems. All of these BOE choices are costly to tax payers, foolish left over plans from the Harvard Super they got rid of and are essentially lousy planning with poor consequences for the city. Just like the millions spent on the culinary kitchen that was state of the art for Hartford’s Culinary Program that they trashed without pause or any thought to the expense.Culinary Arts mind you an actual trade for students who may not be college bound .. All of these people are only good at wasting tax payer money .They have destroyed the school system in Hartford and these latest choices have completely sunk the ship. This super will probably pull out mid construction move on to her next victims leaving the city schools a huge mess and Hartford even more broke in the process. If this was a suburb town the BOE meetings would be stormed by town residents demanding dismissals and serving cease desist orders.

Anonymous 7:34, She got the job bc of stallings and if I can be honest bc she was Latina and they needed the Latina vote not bc she was the most qualified or had a clue what she is doing. many staff, depts and schools have cut and taken on multiple jobs. Some staff doing 2,3, 4 or even more jobs at the pay they got hired to do 1. And some happily do it for the greater good and to pitch in, problem is they see while she overworks some and tells them it’s expected they see she turn around and bring in “selected friends” at high salary to do less than 1 job. Or has created jobs for them where none existed. Now u have these staff, depts and schools along with unions asking why they be asked to continue sacrificing while she and her “friends” getting taken care of on the taxpayer back. Add to that she has a complicit board afraid to challenge her or even ask her tough questions with the exception of Cotto who was vocal. What reward did he get? Well his neighborhood is Batchelder so do us think Batch closing was coincidence? There is no savings with Batch closing. This was payback to Cotto and the families and students suffer from these games. And just ask did we need another high school? The answer was no. But was Weaver on the chop block to save $100 million? Of course not bc that is former school of stallings and others on the board. The culture at the HPS esp with chair stallings and Dr leslie is shut up, fall in line and never ask tough questions or demand answers. If u do, we will pay u back with targeting you, your school, your dept,your neighborhood. Payback is swift and not so sweet from these so called leaders. This is more of the same and ppl just wont believe it until they see for themselves. Time will reveal all those secrets and lies they try so hard to hide.