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Earlier this year, I gave myself a black eye and small concussion when I slipped on the concrete during an exercise class. I routinely trip over curbs, cracks and my own two feet while running. And I’ve always got at least two bruises on my legs from running into random pieces of furniture.

When I fell during my first pregnancy, I slipped on a hardwood floor. Nothing was in my way really — just klutzy me with some too-slick socks on a shiny floor. I went off balance, teetered between the counter and the fridge struggling to hang on, and finally lost it landing hip-first on the floor. My hip hurt immediately and started to swell. We freaked out and went straight to the emergency room, fearful I had jostled the baby right to her death.

I did something similar last Sunday, except I tripped and fell flat on a wood dock, just inches from falling into the water. (Actually, the water would’ve hurt a heckuva lot less.) This time I landed on my knees first, then my hip, then hit my head. I was carrying some life jackets which helped cushion the blow a bit, but my knees gushed blood, my hip swelled immediately and my forehead looked like I’d been in a pregnant bar brawl.

Just like the first fall, I hadn’t really fallen on my belly, but it’s amazing the difference in my reaction. This time, I had no doubt the baby was fine, still nestled in his comfy womb. I made sure he was still kicking and didn’t give it another thought. No freak out. No emergency room. Just humiliation and some pizza to make me feel better.

I’m 25 weeks preggo (first time) just got out of the hospital yesterday after my second meeting with the concrete within a four day span. Ridiculous.. same thing happened both times, I wear flare leg work pants and my right foot got caught in my left pant leg while rushing a bit. The first time I was instantly terrified and my only thoughts were on my little unborn boy. I was kinda banged up but just shaken above all. Hubby was super scared (having experienced a miscarriage before) so he rushed me to the ER but of course everything was fine. Then three days later same thing and splat directly on my belly, but this time felt different. There was pain shooting and almost period like cramping w no movement from baby Jax. We went to the hospital again and after the shock wore off I thought to myself we came here for nothing again..but to our horror they informed me I was having contractions and there was a trace of fetal blood in mine from a small tear in the placenta. They kept me overnight and kept me on a cervical monitor and everything ended up OK. But my impatient prayers of wanting to hold my baby NOW were almost answered in a very bad way. So be careful all and tho some may say it’s overreacting to get checked after falling..better safe than sorry right?

I’m 26 weeks pregnant and last Sunday I did the split on my front icy porch, to avoid falling I bent forward and hold on on a rail that was to my knees level. I cried because it was painful, my leg muscles, pelvic, and left hip was in such a pain that I call the nurse next day, she recommended me to take tylenol and do stretching every two hours. The next day Tuesday I still was in pain, it hurt when I walk, when I sit, when I was getting up and was i was in bed trying to sleep, the worse pain was the pelvic and my left hip, that day my baby only moved once in the morning, so I call the nurse again that afternoon and I was sent to the Hospital, I was very worried a bout my baby, we were there 4 hours under observation monitoring his heart beat, then and ultrasound was done, then doctor checked my cervix and thanks Good my baby was fine and I was send home with the same advice I got from my nurse, Me in the other hand, still in pain and do not know what else to do to help with the pelvic and hip pain . Please let me know if any of you have an advice for me.