Week 6 and 7 birth control and recover the wondering roads gasket t 1995


After all those years my Uncle Christoph scolded me for putting foreign hormones into my body, let me let you in on a secret: Turns out all he really needed to do was send me on “vacation” with children (boys) ages 4, 9, and 11. 16 year old me would have put a lot more consideration into that convent he always threatened me with. Honestly, if these three boys were in the book Where the Wild Things Are, the book could be based in their house not some forest, and I would feel bad for the monsters. If they even dare to make an appearance rather than hide in the page folds. There were those little, tiny, incredibly fleeting moments when the boys were the cutest and sweetest things and really fun to be around. But the ratio of “Aw’s” and “haha you’re too cute/so much fun” were definitely out weighed by the “would you shut up!’s”, “stop that!’s”, and “shhh they wont find us here. No, they don’t know we are playing hide and seek. Yes, I will totally let them go play in the traffic!”. Really, to sum it up, I think I would need to see the ratio balance out just a little more before I consider children of my own. Sorry Mom and Dad. I found myself thinking back to all those times my Mom would tell me “you can do it differently when you’re a mom” in response to me being a brat (to put it nicely). I think it is safe to say I will most likely do it differently, and by differently I mean I will be way stricter (no sugar EVER, one hour of TV maximum, and ipads only for educational purposes also limited to an hour a day- unless homework stipulates otherwise). I’m currently on hold with the Vatican trying to nominate my mother for saint hood, and working on a two for one special to add my Dad to the mix. But I digress; I suppose a little background into my newfound (Insert verb here that is synonymous for fear and apprehension)… may be necessary.

Last week Lino and I flew to Auckland to visit his sister (Elf), her partner (Jason), and their three boys (Kaspian, Jago, and Hector). I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but hey it was only a week right… We were picked up by Jason. He is absolutely lovely and really deserves the #1 Father mug that dad’s get on Father’s Day. We eased our way into meeting the rest of the family by stopping for some lunch and drinks by the bay. Little did I know that the restaurant we went to, the view of the Maritime Museum and the 7-story car park were all I would see of Auckland City. We then picked up small child, after small child, after small child from their respective kid’s camps since it was school holiday (note to self: next time visit when school is in session). We got home to be berated with “fun facts” memorized and regurgitated by the eldest of the boys, regaled with stories of kick boxing, boxing, and other forms of martial arts the boys participate in, and serenaded with the hits of ACDC on the guitar. At this point in time, an hour into our visit, I wanted the oldest one to grow up a little faster so he could be the captain of my pub quiz team, the middle one to be my bud, and the youngest one to keep on being shy because I thoroughly enjoyed his silence after an hour of his two older brothers. It also became clear that if I wanted to eat food I would enjoy, I would have to cook. This proved to be even more difficult than cooking at Rocky Point because I was not in charge of the grocery shopping, did not have the freedom to pop into the store, and had to cook to fit the needs of a 4 year old, 9 year old, 11 year old, and a vegetarian. I really enjoyed it though, the boys would come in and help me in the kitchen and we would throw in “secret ingredients” to whatever I was trying to fashion out of what I found in the fridge and pantry. We spent two days in the Auckland area (read suburbs) and made a short day trip out to a petting zoo for the once favorite child Hector (who turned out to be the truest form of Jeckle and Hyde: Lovely, sweet, cute and quiet one minute and raging ball of running, screaming, crying, and clinginessthe next.). We then spontaneously decided, with a lot of effort, as it was last minute during school holidays, to head to Rotaruwa. Rotaruwa is about 3 hours from the Auckland Area and is home to activities like Redwood forest walks, tobogganing, ziplining, hot springs, and the aMAZEing maze (which we took part in all of). Our days were full of activities, and the boys seemingly full of endless energy. After hours on the toboggans, running around the maze, and climbing trees, they still had energy to wrestle around with me upstairs and raise all sorts of ruckus. This was one of those days though, where the ratio was way more to the side of “I can totally do this and love this” rather than ” Lino, can we leave now? I’m sure I can rebook the flights.”. Lino and I still managed time alone (even if it was hiding in our room), and plenty of shared looks, laughs and new inside jokes. Adult bonding time, after the kids were sent to bed or had fallen into the deep dark holes, which suck them in through their ipads, was also a great highlight. I really enjoyed my time getting to know Lino’s sister and her partner, and watching Lino in this whole new world and role of “Uncle Seppe”. It was nice to sit around on the couches and talk about life and reminisce about those days where you didn’t want to crawl up into bed at 9:30 and could dance and drink until 4 am (to be fair I rarely make it past 1 am, but I’ve always been weak). Plus, in the wise words of my soon to be sainted parents, “Nothing good happens after midnight.”.

We spent Wednesday driving the 3 hours, which felt like an eternity, back to Auckland, and then we flew home on Thursday. Lino and I were literally counting down hours. We had just finished cleaning the house and setting up new furniture before we had left for Auckland so the mere thought of coming home to our cosy, QUIET little hideaway, had never been more tempting. And let me tell you, our homecoming did not disappoint. We cuddled up on the couch with our popcorn and threw on the first Hobbit movie, which we got to pick for ourselves and watch completely uninterrupted as the fire crackled in the background and the stillness of the night embraced our little home.

Week 7 didn’t really hold much, because we over did week 6. We rested (a lot), did work around the house, and ventured to the neighboring town to pick up a grill we bought. On Sunday we went down to Franz Joseph, which is a town on the base of a glacier roughly 2 hours from our house. Friend’s of ours just “officially” moved there and were having a house warming (inclusive of a bouncy castle, endless meat on the grill, and a live band). I’m not sure how our housewarming will compare, but boy was it a fun time… unfortunately that also meant another day of recovery followed by a day of house work which promptly takes us to the end of week 7. Time is flying!

New things learned: I am incredibly susceptible to negativity. Imagine Joy from the Pixar movie Inside out, the more negativity around her the harder it is for her to be joyous and then things get bad. Yeah, I’m Joy. If there is a lot of unnecessary fighting, complaining, and negative vibes around me I retreat into a ball inside myself. New thing relearned, Lino is literally the best partner. He see’s that and throws me rope after rope after rope to pull me out, and if that fails he just holds me and squeezes me back out of myself.

Advice for future visitors: bring a nanny, or be ok with: 1) child labour; 2) strict bed times; 3) no electricity (a given, but still needs to be readdressed- ie no iAnythings); 4) a regimented diet of “whatever the heck Sabrina wants to cook you have to eat or you starve”