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Today it’s going to be mid-70s here, and my mom has discovered there’s an Amish greenhouse about 15-20 minutes from here, so I’m taking her there once I get off work at noon today. We’re taking the Blue Duck – our old school 2nd Gen Dodge diesel long bed feed truck because I just KNOW we’ll find something tall, like a big banana tree or something and I do NOT want to have to drive back to Clarita, OK from Tushka to get it. I have to go pick up a new gas grill I bought yesterday for an early Fajah’s Day present for the hubs, and pick up Buttercup the Tiny Texas Heeler from the vet.

Tomorrow – it’ll be planting time. I’m ALMOST done with the flowers for this year. All my perennials (cannas in several colors, zebra grass, shasta daisies, hostas, Japanese Painted Ferns and a Rhododendron, and fuschia colored Four-O-Clocks) that I’ve been planting over the last four or five years have finally taken hold and some I was able to divide this year. Some of the annuals I plant do winter over too (lantana, dusty miller, elephant ears, even my sole Oleander) so now all I have to do is dress up the beds with something colorful and showy, then mulch mulch mulch.

I am also loading up the big guns for battle: Fire Ants. I hate hate hate using poison – I love my hummingbirds, my toads, the tree frogs and leopard frogs, the praying mantises and those BIG black and yellow spotted garden spiders, even the jumping spiders and wolf spiders that live in my flowers… but the fire ants are taking over. I have one colony that’s gotten big as a car hood and the mound is about a foot tall. They nearly killed some of my trees I’ve set out, an Asian Magnolia, and my roses and I can’t even weed the flower beds around front for them. So. Regretfully, I’m resorting to judicious use of Orthene. I can’t have them anywhere near where my grandbaby will be playing next summer when she’s walking. Period. War has been declared.

I have a concrete, life sized statue to also get stood up in my flower bed around the pool deck. I bought ‘Glorida’ at an estate auction and no one would bid on her because GASP – SHE’S TOPLESS. *sigh* Really people? It’s not like she’s pornographic, she’s not even highly detailed, just a concrete replica of a Greek statue. I picked her up for 75 bucks and everyone snickered and giggled. One guy even yuk yuks and asks real loud: Wutchew gonna do with her? Stand ‘er up out by yer drive way?

Anyway. She’s a fountain. I’ve replumbed her, have a spare pump, and I’ve made a platform for her out of cinder blocks. Sunk an empty black mineral feeder tub in the ground, and I’ve dry stacked rock around the last bit that was sticking up out of the ground. I have a handful of young men and my Hubs and Son on board to help stand her up and get her going on Sunday. I’ll be cooking big on the grill for them for helping. I’m also thinning out my spare flower pots and patio furniture. Trying to simplify things, and I’m sending some home with daughter and SIL2B and also J and B, the kids that help me with our horses.

So. Lots and lots of time outside. I’d love to horse this weekend, but I think one hard push to finish things up around the house and I’m done except for maintenance the rest of the summer and through our first freeze, which could be as late as the middle of November.