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Brunch and vineyard tour bought as a gift for my birthday and taken in mid-January. Weather cold but dryish… Brunch was fabulous – best English Breakfast I can recall. For work I stay away in hotels electricity labs high school about 40 nights a year worldwide, and I am struggling to think of a full english as good as this. Simple produce but just divine. Other breakfast options are available, for example Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs with chilli and chorizo… Very high quality restaurant fit, and stunning views over Holme Moss. A definite re-visit for brunch, lunch or afternoon tea in summer. Vineyard visit was OK. Good guide and great explanation of the history of the site, production, development of the grape varieties. However tasting the 3 wines (white, rose, red) was let down being in the factory. Would have been much more seductive back on the settees gas density units in the restaurant or in the conservatory. Temperature and atmosphere would have been far better for both the wine served and the guests. 3 star. Only thing to suggest to the owners is perhaps a marked path around the vineyard amongst the vines with signs telling some of the story told in the tour – grape variety, how much is used in production etc…

A two day stay at the end of a busy summer, with an on-site spa, a chance to cook and hunker down with a little touch of luxury was what we were hoping for. We had not expected gas exchange in the lungs is facilitated by the floor to be sticky with beer, broken glass in the fridge, a cut wire where the electric bathroom heater had been cut for failing its safety test, the induction hob with pans gas in stomach that did not work on induction hobs, and a faded sign on the spa saying it was out of action (now decommissioned). Even had it been clean and fully functioning the design of the apartment was poor, as if it had been mocked up for a glossy photoshoot but never lived in. The bedroom light switch was behind the oversized headboard; the shower curtain cut right up the middle of the bath; the standard lamp in the living room had no socket to plug in to; the lighting in the kitchenette was too ‘moody’ to be practical gas mask ark; the cooker – which may have caught your eye in the photos – works on the principle of harnessing the heat from a roaring fire. Consider trying to put something in the oven during summer, or standing in front of it to make a cooked breakfast at any time of year – utterly impractical but very photogenic. It was not fit for us to stay in so we left after the first night. I wrote my list of concerns to the management and, to their credit, they have addressed the housekeeping issues. They even offered us an overnight stay with a meal, although we are not prepared to trek across to Holmfirth again. I asked for a refund but still have had no reply. The whole place is a lovely idea, and I really hope arkla gas phone number they can make it as good in reality as it was in the design sketches. I live in Yorkshire. It is a marvellous place for a holiday. It is also famous for the straight talking nature of its residents.

We paid £65pp for a tour of the Vineyard, afternoon tea and BB, which was certainly great value for money. The tour lasted around 1 hour and was really interesting. It gave you a real insight as to how gas weed strain the business started and what the aspirations were for the future and not just how the wine is made. You do get to try 3 wines at the end of the tour which was a highlight! Afternoon tea was very good, with the usual sandwiches, cakes and tea. We were the only people in the restaurant which felt a little strange and therefore lacked atmosphere (most people seemed to have their afternoon tea before the tour). We checked into the room which was modern and large and had all the amenities you gas in oil car would need for a nights stay. We had no hot water on the evening however it did work in the morning (shower only – the bath only produced cold water). We tried to lock the door before we went out for our evening meal but the key snapped in the door but luckily the door didn’t lock. As the vineyard closes at 6pm, there was no-one to contact at all and therefore had to leave the door unlocked all night. Furthermore electricity experiments for high school, the bathrooms did smell a little damp but this was only minor to us. Breakfast was really nice and all the staff overall were friendly. I would recommend this place, however there are improvements to be made (such as the hot water and the smell). Other improvements to be made would be more information upon check-in. We weren’t told what time check-out was, what time breakfast was or whether the spa area was working or not. The Wi-Fi doesn’t work either which may put others off but not an issue for us. For us those are just minor things but don’t let that put you gas problem in babies off as we had a great time and it’s great to see a local business thriving.