Weekend colon flush review (update may 2018) 17 things you need to know c gastritis


One of the most famous and vital theories behind colon cleansing is an ancient belief known as the theory of autointoxication. According to this idea, the undigested meat and other foods cause a buildup of mucus in the colon which further produces toxins. These toxins enter the blood circulation and cause poisoning in the body. It is thought that these toxins can cause the following impacts on the body: [1]

There is a well-known axiom that “death begins in the colon.” This is a misrepresentation, no doubt, however more correct than not. The street to well-being starts with colon detoxing— regardless of the disease or issue. Unfortunately, the vast majority limit their comprehension of the colon detox to its impact on the fecal matter. And keeping in mind that detoxing does draw old fecal out of the colon, restricting dialogue about this misses the general point.

It should be noted that medical groups most likely experience more difficulty with the idea of detoxing than with some other part of health and is mostly attacking this topic. In 2009 a report by Voice of Young Science impacted detoxing and called it nonsense.

The truth is, the report itself was hogwash. The scientists picked the vastest definition feasible for detoxing including detox shampoos and spa treatments in their investigation, and they used next to no science to back their cases. The one legitimate point they made is that “ detox” has turned out to be so broadly utilized by people that it has lost its importance.

The intestinal tract is the wellspring of all nutrition access to your body. When it isn’t working correctly, there are two outstanding issues to consider. The first symptom is considerable difficulty digesting food – separating it from the purpose that the body is using it correctly.

A healthy body is key to healthy living, and one cannot have a healthy body unless and until their digestive system is working correctly, and the body is getting rid of all waste. This is where Weekend Colon Flush comes in. The following are some of the pros of Weekend Colon Flush:

Weekend Colon Flush triggers weight loss by detoxifying the body. It guarantees to show significant results within just three days. The product cleanses the body by getting rid of unwanted substances, increasing bowel movements and improving the digestive system. The improved digestive process means that your overall health is better and helps you lose several pounds from your body.

The research and science behind the product support their statement that it helps with your digestive system. Its core components, Cascara Sagrada, psyllium husk, slippery elm, and gum, are the natural plant extracts which aid in bowel movements. The fiber in the supplement promotes regularity and improved digestion. However, there’s no evidence for any long-term weight loss by using the product.

The product is only for adults 18 years of age and older and should be kept away from the children. Those taking any medications, such as heart medications, corticosteroids, and diuretics, should consult their physicians first. People who have hemorrhoids, intestinal obstruction, or any other abdominal disorder should not take this supplement.

Cascara Sagrada, an ingredient of Weekend Colon Flush, belongs to a family of plants which contain laxative effects. So, if you use this product with breaks, the elements can interfere with Diagnostic Imaging Procedures of the colon and may result in electrolyte loss or dehydration. Hence, the product should be used regularly without any breaks. However, taking a break of 30 or more days between cycles is fine.

One major warning that the label states is that this product contains chemicals identified by the State of California which can cause reproductive harm and congenital disabilities. So, if you are pregnant or nursing you should avoid taking the pills or contact your physician ahead.

There have been no lawsuits against the Weekend Colon Flush manufacturer – Applied Nutrition. The company has a very reliable image and is the leader in its industry. Weekend Colon Flush is a renowned product among detoxing agents. Even though people have had side effects, these problems were already revealed by the manufacturer. Weekend Colon Flush Alternatives

Super Colon Cleanse, one of the cleansing products from Health Plus Inc., is one of the top-selling products in the online market and is ranked among the top 25 detox colon products. However, as is the case with most of such products, Super Colon Cleanse is not an FDA approved product.

This item has a couple of basic ingredients, which for the most part are designed to include fiber and increase bowel elimination of the user. The most noteworthy components are psyllium husk fiber and Senna, both of which have a laxative impact.

A few users discover senna to be a potent ingredient and is not intended for prolonged use. Among other components recorded are fennel, peppermint, celery, papaya and buckthorn bark (for which there is a warning on the product label), and acidophilus.

The recommended dosage for Super Colon Cleanse is four capsules, thrice each day. Because of the measure of psyllium husk, the manufacturer of Super Colon Cleanse suggest that it should be taken with no less than 10-12 oz of water, juice or other fluid.

“My boyfriend and I just finished this and it was awful. He just had a few extra bowel movements that were normal and I had a lot of painful, watery diarrhea. We both had a lot of painful gas as well. No weight loss, no inches lost. Three days of suffering on the toilet for nothing.” Dwan L. Heldman