Weekend update the elliott wave lives on electricity worksheets for grade 1


Another volatile week. electricity terms and definitions The week started off at SPX 2760, after the best week in 8 years. A gap up opening Monday put the SPX at 2800, and then it started to pullback. On Tuesday the market gapped down at the open and traded down to SPX 2697. Another gap down opening on Thursday took the SPX to 2622 before it started to rebound. After closing at SPX 2696 on Thursday, the market rallied to SPX 2709 on Friday before heading back down again. Another pullback took the SPX to 2623, before it rebounded some into a 2633 close. For the week the SPX/DOW was -4.55%, and the NDX/NAZ was -4.85%. Economic reports for the week were mixed. On the downtick: monthly payrolls, the ADP, factory orders, construction spending, plus the trade deficit increased. On the uptick: ISM manufacturing/services, wholesale inventories, consumer credit, plus weekly jobless claims improved. Next week’s reports will be highlighted by industrial production, the CPI/PPI and retail sales.

At the beginning of the bear market we noted we were expecting either a double zigzag or something more complex. We should have left out the “something more complex”. Because that is exactly what we are dealing with right now. gastroenterologia o que trata Since the October top the SPX has dropped 300, rallied 200, dropped 200, rallied 200, then dropped 200 again. After the initial drop, just a big trading range between 2600 and 2800. Great for day traders. But not so great for EW technicians trying to uncover an overall pattern. Knowing exactly where one is in a bear market makes it easier to identify its ending.

Longer term nothing has changed. Five Intermediate waves up, with a subdividing third wave, from early 2016 to late 2018 to complete a Major wave 1 bull market. After that a Major wave 2 bear market began. So far, despite all the volatility, the SPX has only lost 11.5% from the high. gas tax in new jersey Year over year, however, the market is about 1% lower. The year started at SPX 2674. The ECRI ticked down a notch.

This bear market started off simple enough: a zigzag down to SPX 2604, then an a-b-c rally to SPX 2815. mp electricity bill payment online jabalpur After that it has been a mess to count: -200, +200, -200, +100, -100. But Friday appears to have cleared it all up. What it looks like we are dealing with is an Intermediate wave A taking the form of a double zigzag. First a Minor A zigzag SPX 2941-2603, then Minor B to SPX 2815, now a Minor C zigzag to SPX 2622 thus far. It’s been quite choppy and volatile just like a bear market.

Since Minor A dropped 337 points, Minor C should have some Fibonacci relationship to A before it ends. We see four possibilities: SPX 2607 (0.618), SPX 2577 (0.707), SPX 2550 (0.786) and SPX 2478 (equal). Two of these four fall within OEW pivots: 2577 and 2478. Too early to tell which is likely to work out. But with all the political problems out there, (US, China, Italy, France, Ukraine and the UK), any of these levels are possible.

Trying to track this market with short term waves has been a near impossible task. At times this market just seems to bounce between OEW pivots with no identifiable pattern. Minute wave C, of Minor C, had 7 waves down to SPX 2622, 7 waves up to SPX 2709, and now 5 waves down to SPX 2631, (2643-2665-2623-2650-2631). gas leak in house Another 7 wave pattern in the making? Hopefully we will see the end of this downtrend soon. Then we could get a good counter rally uptrend for a while.

Personally couldn’t care less how many times someone posts, if someone has something high quality to say 10 times a day let’s hear it. You also can’t disentangle politics completely from what’s going on in the stock market at the moment, so politics posts when done in the right way are relevant. At least all of the above posters are talking about markets on a regular basis. You might not agree with them, and they also might post more often than is strictly necessary, but some of that is called having a personality and interacting with others.

I think we all know when the spirit of the rules are being broken and it’s for people to self regulate themselves. The 3 post rule is there to stop people dominating and posting worthless nonsense all day… but if someone has something of value to say I’m sure it’s allowed. Likewise with the no politics rule, it’s to stop the bi partisan back and forth… if something political comes up that moves the market I’m sure it’s allowed as long as it’s done in an objective manner. I’d actually trust 90% of people on here to be able to do that. If Tony wanted someone to moderate the blog, he would give them access to do so. The only so called policeman is Lunker and he doesn’t have moderator access so I’ve no idea why he thinks he should be allowed to do it.

still think it will be used as an excuse if we do go down by the morning. hard for me to believe those futures gaps (especially the massive one on NQ) don’t get filled. fully expect a more explicit response from Trump if the media jumps on it being the cause of the market moving down. futures looking pretty darn bullish if its not an ABC. I see inverse H&S across the board. abnormally low volume tonight (even for the Nikkei futures) and i have no idea what that means.

odd piece of information for those who don’t entirely believe in coincidences: i will be on a plane tomorrow morning. most people will probably believe this is stupid, but last August (the second) I was in the same boat. i rarely travel by plane (maybe once a year, sometimes twice) and was short the market. my flight was delayed and the market was down, just like I thought it would be, and by the time my flight landed at 10:30 we had rallied and my huge profit had evaporated. lot of things wrong with this situation: flight being delayed 2 hours, poor risk management (not having trades set to sell at open), and not cutting my trades when “I just needed them to retest the open”, all this after being given a second chance to take gains. (also note: this is why i pay more attention to futures now. the C wave barely broke below wave A on the cash. the picture was much clearer in the futures that day). odd coincidence to say the least as I am by no means a permabear. sometimes too bullish for my own good. needless to say I will be buying the crappy in flight wifi tomorrow. probably a completely pointless story to share, but the scenarios are eerily similar to me.

keep up the good posting everyone. truly appreciative of everything you do Tony and the commentors who share their thoughts and market views. looking for market to hit 2530 to finish up c of A. so many bears it feels like this should be the entire bear market. however, my fundamental side can’t ignore everything going on so I think Tony’s count of a B wave higher is very likely and is what I will be following. if we hit the 2530 (ES) watermark I will cover like a mad man and start going long. above yesterdays highs and I will be out, too. posting too much which means some kind of inflection point is coming one way or another. going to go back to the usual and just be a lurker. feeling some bad juju as if I am jinxing myself. national gas average 2007 GLTA and i hope we all make money!