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I finally took in Steve McQueen’s swashbuckling “League of Gentlewomen” movie extravaganza. After an armed robbery attack which left four formidable ladies without their husbands, these widows had little in common except huge debts left behind by their spouses’ criminal activities. Hoping to forge a future on their own terms, they join forces, under Veronica (Viola Davis) to pull off a heist that her husband was planning (Liam Neeson). There were memorable performances from Viola Davis and Elizabeth Debicki (remember her as Hugh Laurie’s gangsters’ moll in the Night Manager?) and an enjoyable cameo role played by Liam Neeson. This movie was exciting and great fun – not ‘Oscar’ material, as suggested by many critics!

Many will be familiar with the classic French thriller series – “Vanished by the Lake” – which was seen on Channel 4 just over 2 years ago. gas density units I missed it. It was brought to my attention and my wife and I have been enraptured by it. I don’t know why the French seem so superior in the manner they film these series. They use their outside broadcasts to so much greater effect – the lighting and filming seem far superior to US/UK equivalents. Also, the performers look more interesting and attractive, despite most of them being decked out in clothes, not dissimilar to ‘grunge’, apart from the decorative La Marie! For those who have not seen it, it is a ‘must’ download!

What sporting Fayre this weekend! A rugby bonanza with important wins for England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. The cricket played by England in Sri Lanka in Columbo has been spell-binding. On Saturday there was a feast of Premiership football with Manchester City and Liverpool neck and neck in the Premiership and Fulham returned to winning ways under new manager Claudio Ranieri, beating Southampton in a 5-goal thriller. ‘Bristol De Mai’ was a very impressive back to back winner of the very competitive Betfair Chase at Haydock.

The ‘sell-off’ on global stock markets continues almost relentlessly, despite US markets enjoying a shortened week, thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday. Nonetheless, 3.5 days was plenty time enough for investors to express their displeasure at the lack of confidence and the poor sentiment, which kept the ‘sell’ button never far from traders’ index fingers. The three main Wall Street bourses lost over 3% last week, leaving them below the Plimsoll line for the year to date, despite the amazing rally which took place early in the year, triggered by Trump’s tax cuts and the general belief that growth would be above 3% for the year. gas vs diesel truck In recent months FED rate increases with further in the pipeline may have dampened enthusiasm in the price of oil, which has fallen sharply since 8 th October (Brent $84 to $58 30.9% – 7% down on Friday!). There seems to be plenty of bargains out there, if valuations and company performances are anything to go by. However, who can be sure that this visceral correction has finished?

Simon French, Panmure Gordon’s chief economist tells us – “ Whilst the collapse in oil-related energy costs will deliver a growth boost, this comes with a lag. electricity symbols and meanings The CapEx slowdown in energy sector initially offsets the boost to spending power. Took ~12 months after oil bottomed in Q1 2016 before growth upswing took hold.” Saudi Arabia has expressed concern that oil production may need to be cut, but it appears there may be some trade off with President Trump praising the Saudi Crown Prince, whose political star is currently not in the ascendancy. There are also signs of weakness in the EU economy, with disappointing PMI data being posted this past week. UK stock markets seem to be on hold pending BREXIT negotiations.

Anyway, there is nothing else on the table, according to Macron, Barnier, Juncker et all or is there, as rumours abound that five Cabinet members may try and persuade the PM to adopt a softer approach to BREXIT? I am not convinced there is a softer BREXIT. The one on the table is as soft as putty! Parliament will struggle with its conscience to vote this deal through, with the alternatives being ‘NO DEAL’ or another referendum, both of which are unpalatable and unacceptable. So, who knows, the PM may yet win the day.

On the markets front, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft continued to feel the wheels of pain on their back as investors continued to sell these stocks venomously – since 27 th September 2018, Amazon’s share price is down 25.3% and Apple by 23%! Several retail operators posted numbers. Target disappointed , losing 10% on Monday, and Best Buy easing by 8% on the week. Here in Old Blighty Babcock International posted a profits warning – shares fell by 9%. Mothercare looks to be really under the cosh, with nowhere to go in a hugely competitive retail market. This company is possibly more comfortable abroad rather than at home! Since Steve Kelly left as CEO, Sage Group appears to have lost its way and CMC Markets, who posted numbers that reflected increased draconian regulatory requirements for spread betting, has seen it share price fall from 206p in July 2018 to 116.2p last Friday (-43%). There may be a bit of a scrap between IAG and Virgin for the hand in marriage for Flybe.

After over a decade of controlling the fortunes of giant Japanese car maker Nissan, Chairman Carlos Ghosn is alleged to have been charged with financial irregularities, which include understating his total remuneration on no less than 5 occasions between 2011 and 2015 by Y5 billion ($44 billion). He is further alleged to have paid his sister $100,000 for a non-existent advisory role. Further to these irregularities, Mr Ghosn appears to own lavish residences in Rio de Janeiro, Beirut, Paris and Amsterdam courtesy of his employer. electricity projects for class 12 He is now in custody awaiting investigation and possible charges. What a shame! Mr Ghosn has enjoyed a stunning career, but clearly, he has had too much autonomy. Since 2009 Nissan’s share price has risen fromY209 to Y962 on Friday, with its price up by 0.78% on Friday. Let’s hope that there are no unpalatable ramifications for Nissan’s very successful factory in Sunderland.

Finally, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! Sales online for Thanksgiving Day totalled $3.7 billion, up 28% on last year according to Adobe Analytics. Last Thursday was the fastest-growing day for e-commerce sales in history and was the first day in 2018 to see $1 billion in sales from smartphones, spending 8% more online from a year ago.

It is thought that Amazon will account for 29% of U.S. sales during the five days spanning Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. During this period shoppers spend 30% of their annual budget. U.S. shoppers may spend a record $21.60 billion online during the biggest U.S. shopping weekend of the year, with online sales jumping 15.5% to an estimated $18.70 billion on 2017. Here in the UK online sales were up 16% to £1.3 billion. However, the 7-day sales period to 28 th November 2018 is expected to see Consumers spend £6.7 billion. However, the spend per person may drop from £304 per shopper to £222, though there will be many more shoppers than in 2017.

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