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Weezing is a purple Pokémon consisting of two spherical heads connected by a thin tube with another sphere in the center. The heads have differing sizes and features. The left head is larger, and has prominent eyebrows, pointed teeth protruding from its lower jaw, and two flat teeth in its upper jaw. The smaller, right head simply has two pointed teeth, one at each corner of its mouth. The larger head has a cream-colored skull-and-crossbones marking below its face, while the smaller head has a light yellow circle instead. It is covered with many geyser-like protrusions, which usually expel yellowish gases. Weezing is said to form when poisonous gases pool and two Koffing fuse over many years. Very rarely, two Koffing can become a Weezing in a short timespan because of a sudden mutation. Triplet Weezing have been discovered, although it is extremely rare.

Each of Weezing’s heads contains a different toxin. It mixes its gases by inflating one head and deflating the other. When its gases mix, Weezing becomes more toxic and putrid. Weezing can hover in midair, presumably due to gases lighter than air, as is the case for Koffing. Despite their stench and poison, Weezing’s gases can be used to make top-grade perfume by diluting them to the highest level.

Weezing lives in urban areas. It seeks a dirty, unkempt house and nests there. At night, when the people in the house are asleep, it will go through the trash. Weezing feeds on the dust, microorganisms, and especially gases emitted by garbage and toxic waste. Weezing’s body expands and it starts smelling worse upon inhaling poisonous gases.

Weezing debuted in Drat That Dratini! where a horde of Weezing tried to attacke Red and Yellow but they escaped using Red’s Aerodactyl. One later appeared again in Long Live the Nidoqueen!? when the people of Viridian City were trying to calm Pokémon in the forest down. Another one appeared in Sea Sea Seadra where a wild Weezing and Sandslash appeared behind Bill still showing the ecology in Viridian Forest hasn’t changed back to normal in two years.

The evolved form of Koffing, Weezing is basically a pair of Koffing fused together. They tend to float in the air and emit gas or noxious smoke from the outgrowths that cover their bodies. As strange as it may seem, diluting Weezing emissions as much as possible creates one of the most exquisite perfumes known to man. Game data Pokédex entries Generation I

• In Generations I and II, or if Gravity is in effect, this Pokémon is given an Iron Ball or affected by Smack Down or Ingrain, the opponent has the Ability Mold Breaker, Turboblaze or Teravolt, or this Pokémon is affected by Gastro Acid, or this Pokémon‘s Ability is replaced, the effectiveness of Ground-type moves is 2×.

• In certain instances in the games, such as summary pages and Pokémon Contests, a Pokémon’s sprite is horizontally flipped, unless its body is asymmetrical. However, Weezing’s sprite is flipped in all instances despite its asymmetrical body.

• Weezing shares similar traits to Muk and Garbodor. All three Pokémon are pure Poison types with a single pre-evolution, roughly the same base stat totals and evolution levels, and appear to be based on a different kind of pollution; Weezing being air pollution.

Considering its looks, its ability to float, and its tendency to explode, it may have been based upon a floating naval mine or living meteorite. It is also based on smog and other forms of air pollution. Weezing may also be based on the imagined fear that heavy pollution, caused by the leakage and/or improper disposal of toxic and/or radioactive waste, may result in the creation of new and undesirable life forms.

Matadogas may come from 又 mata (again), 獰 dō (bad) or 毒 doku (poisonous), and gas. Essentially, it is a doubling of Koffing’s Japanese name Dogars, and thus a doubling of Koffing–which is exactly what Weezing is. It may also be a corruption of マスタードガス masutādogasu ( mustard gas).