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For the past 3-4 months I have had pain in my right side that wraps around to my lower back. Sometimes the pain seems to radiate from my right hip bone and at other times the pain is located in my lower rib area on the right side or in the right abdominal area (belly button and a few inches lower). If I bend forward or reach for something above my head it can make the pain worse, but that’s not the only time the pain is there (it’s mostly constant, but it has spells of being virtually non-existent). A few weeks before this pain started I had pain in my pubic hair area only while having a bowel movement. The pain during bowel movements went away after a few weeks and hasn’t returned.

Sometimes when I have a bowel movement it’s basically diarrhea with another substance floating on top (as if you mixed oil and water). At other times my bowel movements are loose and look like hundreds of small particles (gravel?) that never solidly formed into a single piece. At times there will be some “solid” bowel movements mixed with the “gravel”, but if I try to poke one of the “solid” pieces with a wooden chopstick (yeah, I know that’s gross, but I am improvising here) it will easily fall apart and look like the aforementioned “gravel”. Then there are times when my bowel movements are sort of normal except that they look “rough” on the outside surface. All of my bowel movements pass easily and I don’t have to strain.

I went to my regular doctor when this first started and he put me on fibercon for a couple of weeks and tested for blood in my stool by using one of those pieces of paper in his office — the results of that test was negative. I have been to a gastroenterologist and he has ordered a ct scan of my abdominal and pelvic regions. He says that none of what I described makes him want to go into my colon to have a look at this time. He thinks that the pain in my right side could be attributed to a new exercise program I started a while back that involves a lot of kicking, etc. He has placed me on 1800 mgs of ibuprofen a day for 2 weeks to see if that helps.

I have sphincter of oddi dysfunction. This is a valve that does not open to allow the digestive fluids to move freely into the stomach. Depending on the foods that I eat, I can aggravate the symptoms and have the "floating stools". This has been a matter of my diet, mostly. Watching and writing down things that I eat and if I have the pain in my URQ. I can have olive oil, peanut, soy and safflower oil, but if I eat any food with canola oil, I’m down for the count and in severe pain. This condition seems to be mostly related to the fats that are in my diet. The fats don’t cause the problem, the valve causes the problem in responding to what I eat. If I control what I eat, the symptoms are manageable. Fruits, whole grains, veggies and a healthy diet, sans any canola oil seems to do the trick for me. I’ve had my gall bladder out and still had pain in my right side. I took narcotics for dental surgery and I was rushed to the hospital in severe pain…this was two days after having an MRI with dye and nothing on the MRI. Narcotics cause the valve to spasm, too. Try to monitor your diet and see what happens.