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Are you two talking about a reduced CT claiming that Russia didn’t raise the ceiling ex post facto but that it did still "manipulate the article since 2014"? Because the "he" you refer to is ambiguous (does it refer to me or to the admin promoting the CT on wikipedia?). Anyway, several problems with the reduced CT as well:

1. All that the evidence (two newspaper articles at the top of the talk page) shows is that some people reverted the flight ceiling back to its original 10km figure and that at least some of those people are suspected of being Russian (as determined by IP location).

2. Russia never claimed that an Su-25 shot down MH-17, that was a (deliberate?) misquoting of the Russian press conference in Western media.[*] What the press conference said was that one of their radars had detected an unspecified plane close to MH-17 at the time of the crash, possibly an Su-25. They never said that it was an Su-25, let alone that it shot down MH-17, they just gave it as a possible example.

Suppose you’re an Su-25 pilot and you see the media storm going on about how the Su-25 can only fly at 7km as shown by wikipedia. So you think to yourself: "What the **** dude, I flew one at 10km just last week!" So you go on wikipedia and try to revert the flight ceiling back to its original 10km figure. Once you’ve done that you see that the admins on the article call you "Putinbots" (the term for Russians at the time on Wikipedia, note the dehumanizing) and lock the article back to its lowered 7km ceiling. Apparently all being done because the article must reflect the lowered figure for reasons relating to MH-17.

It is notable that before re-asserting the CT (that the information was altered and falsified following MH-17 – still zilch evidence for any of it of course, and still just ignoring the time travel implications) one of the admins in question argues that the editor who added a link to an academic source (ie me) is a suspect for failing the nationality/ethnicity test of editors. This is of course an easily refuted lie (like almost all of their assertions) by simply running the IP address of the editor in question through something like this and noticing that it indeed shows no association with Russians.

I asked for a link to the policy clarifying the procedure for the systematic nationality/ethnicity tests of editors and the list of nationalities and ethnicities that are considered suspects. No answer was provided, but the admin in question then tried to placate me[*] by saying that I did indeed pass the test (it resulted in "Belgian"), but after reiterating my objection to the system of nationality/ethnicity testing in general and to his conspiracy theories I was quickly blocked anyway. It’s of course well-known what happens to editors who do fail the required nationality/ethnicity tests, they are considered subhuman editors ( some sort of automatons).

That the inner workings of the American Wikipedia would reflect American society is clear, but this level of rabid racism/nationalism (fascism even[*]) and general conspiracy lunacy is quite over the top even by American standards. I’ve never seen a policy of systematic nationality/ethnicity testing of editors on other wikipedia’s.

* Note the placating tactic. "Yes, after rechecking your bloodline we agree that you are not Jewish. But you’re not going to cause any trouble when we go after the real Jews, right?" And if you answer the wrong way to that question then you’re simply done in for anyway, irrespective of what the results of your nationality/ethnicity test show.