Weird people running the museum, but the train ride was fun. – review of toy train depot, alamogordo, nm – tripadvisor gas vs diesel rv


Our son has been obsessed with trains since he was 2 and discovered Thomas the Tank Engine. We’ve taken trips on some of New Mexico’s tourist train rides, but time after time, we come back here gas south. It’s a tiny little museum with several model set ups and tons of pictures. Our tour guide was a wonderfully surly older gentleman with a wry sense of humor and an all-consuming passion for trains. What struck me most was his attention to the kids in our group. He engaged our son in conversation, pointed out attractions in the models, and rambled off fun facts in a way that was easy for our 6-year-old to understand. Our son was enthralled electricity worksheets grade 9! Another thing this museum has going for it is a small, 20 minute long train ride across the surrounding park and back. The vehicle itself is gas (?) powered and large enough to accommodate parents as well as children. Our son has a blast every time we go. At $12 for our whole family (train ride and museum included) this was well-worth the afternoon! The only negative thing I can think of to say about the whole electricity electricity goodness experience is that I wish the museum were closer to food. We would have loved to have lunch between museum and ride without having to get in the car, drive to get it, and drive back.

My husband and I visited this small museum while staying in Alamogordo during a vacation in southern New Mexico. My husband and o gascon I really like trains and my husband loves to collect things, including model trains. Although small, the museum has a variety of train layouts that are interesting to see, including one that is quite large. In addition, there are alot of train cars, pictures and other railroad memorabilia. Upon entering the museum, we were greeted by a slightly sullen man who directed us to a room and said a tour guide would meet us. Our electricity questions and answers pdf tour guide was an older gentleman who turned out to be rather rude and tried to keep us hostage in this place. He quizzed us on our train and history knowledge by pointing out various things in the rooms. He tried to be funny at times, but came across as cynical and unpleasant. Luckily, my husband who is smarter than I, could figure out some of the things this man gas vs electric oven for baking cakes was talking about, but much of it went over my head. We were eventually able to slip away when another couple entered the room and he began explaining things to them. My husband and I are easy going people but this experience was one of the strangest I have had at an attraction. This guy needs to retire or work on his attitude if he is going to tour people around this place. The exhibits are okay, but rather tired looking and everything is placed rather haphazardly. Outside is a small train that is used to tour people around a large park. No one was riding the train when we were there and another electricity magnetism and light gentleman was working on the engine. None of the staff came across as very enthusiastic about trains or this museum. The park the train ran through which is next door to the museum is not very appealing. For train enthusiasts, this might be worth a stop if in the immediate area, especially to look at the model railroad layouts. There is an admission fee which I believe was $6.00 and the museum has limited power in costa rica hours. There is an extra charge for the train ride. I would not make a special trip to come to this museum though. I wish we would have skipped it and spent more time at the Space museum or gone to another attraction.