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After arriving, we knew something was wrong based on the large water stain in the 2nd floor bedroom and the musty smell within the house. It turns out that one of the bedrooms was completely inhabitable due to the floor being soaked electricity in india travel in water. This resulted in water leaking through the floor and into the light fixture in the kitchen below electricity basics. In addition to the water, the refrigerator was not working leaving us with $600 worth of food and alcohol going to waste. Being a homeowner, I understand that things break. However, the problem is that most of the issues were not addressed and that ones that were addressed, were gas under 2 dollars poorly managed.

In regards to the refrigerator, the landlord offered to store our food in her sons unit directly below. However, this was inconvenient as we had to contact him when we needed something. A new one was delivered in 2 days. However gas in oil tank, the landlord refused to take time off work for the delivery and gave my phone number to Lowe’s without asking. We were forced to alter our plans to accommodate the delivery of her fridge (her other recommendation was to leave the place unlocked while we were gone). We decided to stay with our grade 9 electricity unit test belongings during the delivery.

On the day we left, her son came by and offered us reimburesement for our inconvenience. We agreed to the terms. However, I received a call from the landloard 2 days later saying her son was not permited gas 99 cents a litre to negotiate on her behalf and offered us just below half of what we had agreed to with her son. Her reasons were irrationale despite me providing proof of how many people were inconvenienced and leaving physical receipts at the house gas bubble retinal detachment for how much we spent on replaciing spoiled food.

weekly stay. I sincerely apologized many times for the inconvenience incurred during their stay. I disagree with many of the accusations this guest has stated, and It is important that the public know What truly happened gas you up during their stay. It is true that the refrigerator suddenly stopped working shortly after this guest arrived on July 3rd, 2014. Guest accepted my offer to store all frozen items which only consisted of seven steaks and ice cream in my freezer located On the first floor Directly below his unit until he needed these grade 6 electricity unit test items. I worked diligently to get a replacement Refrigerator/Freezer As quickly as possible. A new replacement refrigerator/ freezer arrived The morning of July 5th At which time the The frozen items were returned to the electricity song lyrics guest. The guest and his party of six arrived in the evening of July 3rd, Which was Less than 30 hours after their arrival. I also offered the guest a cooler to store any refrigerated items and I was told by the guest they did not need it since electricity facts history the refrigerator was filled with mostly beer and alchohol. Contrary to what guest stated, there was never physical proof of $600 worth of food and or beverage/alcohol purchased And/or ruined. The Carpeting in one of the bedrooms Occupied by a single person became saturated due grade 9 electricity worksheets to a malfunctioning central air conditioning unit, which again was unexpected and has since been corrected and new Carpeting is in the process of bieng electricity symbols ks2 Installed. Seven guests stayed in the unit. Guest Accepted a $515 total refund For their inconvenience. I Can assure anyone who reads this, I was not in anyway rude to this guest. I was helpful and accommodating under these unforeseen and gas utility worker unexpected circumstances. Subsequently All other guests who have stayed at my property this summer have experienced a fun time and the unit was in excellent condition, And I feel confident that any future guest will feel the same.