Welcome to our cattery where we breed beautiful persians kittens power per kwh

Where do you go when looking for Persian Kittens for Sale . You want a breeder that will give you not only a healthy and adorable Persian kitten, but the attention and support this important decision deserves. Well, welcome to Persian Kitten Pals in the heart of Dallas Fort Worth. We are a CFA Registered Cattery in Frisco, Texas, dedicated to bringing these wonderful purr babies to loving homes.

We are a Frisco based small cattery of Persian Kittens and that’s how I would like to keep it. Persian Kitten Pals is small but it allows myself and my family to give our kittens lots of love and attention. Being small benefits both the quality of care we can give our kittens/cats as well as the attention we give to our customers. When one purchases a kitten with us, you can expect pictures and updates along the way of their growth and progress until the big day of adoption comes.

Ours is a happy Frisco cattery that produces and nutures affectionate and happy kittens. Our babies run freely in their roomy nursery and we have one litter at a time. It’s amazing how many different Persian Colors there are. Our kittens are Silver, Golden’s, Dark Tabby’s and Creme Blue Lynx Points, Whatever the color, type or face of the Persian Kitten your’re looking for, here at Persian Kitten Pals we are dedicated to bringing lovely Persian kittens that love to snuggle and warm the heart together with loving families. We remain a FeLV negative cattery, and our written health contract guarantees that we stand behind the health and personality of our babies. Staying small is imperative to keeping our breeders and babies healthy. If you have never owned a Persian, spend some time on my website as there is a lot to learn about owning a Persian. When you bring a Persian Kitten Pal’s Kitten into your home, you can be confident that the little fur-baby will be healthy, very socialized – complete with kitty manners, and ready to give you years of joy and affection. Life at Persian Kitten Pals

Our cattery is a wonderful place for our Persian Kittens. A large nursery area provides our Dam privacy with a large area for the kittens to play. Pictures on our gallery page include those of our nursery and kittens enjoying their beautiful room, daybed, and toys.

Every baby is kissed, hugged, held and talked to from the very first day. Of course, Mom’s (Gracie and Isabella) and new babies are given their privacy in their nursery. At first mom wants to spend very little time away from her newborns, but gradually during the unfolding weeks, she will begin to take breaks and leave her "nest." As the babies grow and their eyes open, and as they become a little more sturdy on their feet, they leave their nesting area and begin to explore the nursery. The weaning process is sequenced to help the babies easily transition from wet to dry food, learn how to use the litter box and then the scratching post. Persian Kitten Pal Kittens are taught all proper kitten-manners. It’s wonderful to see how Mom teaches them how to use the litter box and how to play fairly. We encourage much snuggling, sweet talking and even rough housing so that each kitty is very socialized. At around 4 weeks we begin to introduce IAMs kitten food in order to begin the process of weaning. Some Persian Kitten Pal Kittens are more ready than others, but we make sure that all Persian Kittens for Sale are thoroughly weaned and independent. All Kittens for Sale at Persian Kitten Pals are completely ready when they join your family and warm your heart.