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Summer Special! With every order of any two of the 8, 9, or 10 inch Copper Heat Diffusers / Defroster Plates we will include a free 6 inch Copper Heat Diffuser (a $35 dollar value). Just order any two of the larger plates – in any combination – and we will automatically include the 6 incher when shipping. Don’t worry when your order confirmation does not say the 6 incher is included – we aren’t smart enough to make the software do that – but we will automatically include it when we pack and ship your order. Why would we do such a nice thing? Because we’re nice guys? Well, yes, but also we are no good at inventory, and made too many, that’s why.

Second Summer Special! 20% off Factory Seconds! We have some 8 and 9 inch factory seconds that have minor scuffs, tarnish, or buffed out scratches (mostly tarnish on the edges this batch). Still pure copper and still dead flat. Functionally the same as the regular ones, and as they all discolor with the first use you won’t notice after that anyway. This is a good deal! Plus we include a sample packet of Barkeepers Friend metal cleaner so you can clean it if you want. – order at the product gallery to the left. (Note – the free 6 inch special above does not apply to factory seconds – sorry).

A stove top Heat Diffuser is required for every well Equipped kitchen. Foods cook more evenly with less scorching and scalding with a heat diffuser. With the BellaCopper Heat Diffuser, slow cooking and simmering becomes a breeze – with no hot spots in your pans.

For flawless cooking of thick soups, stews, rice, beans, fine sauces, cooking with milk, cheese, or cream, chocolate, fudge, candy, stove top braising, and risotto – the list goes on and on. Of course you can still burn things, but you just have to try harder.

Plus it works fabulously as a Defroster plate, much better than aluminum ones and miles better than wood or plastic cutting boards. Just put the frozen food on a room temperature BellaCopper defroster plate and it defrosts like magic! Two frozen chicken breasts will be ready to cook in 30 – 40 minutes.

Great in the oven! Use them in the oven to maintain a more constant temperature!– They can help in both large and small ovens – Tiny RV ovens and large commercial grade ovens. One of our BellaCopper partners keeps two ten inch ones in his oven always, and swears by them. Just put the copper on the oven rack, preheat the oven, put your baking pan on the copper, and you are good to go! One of our customers uses them for pizza and says they are way better than a pizza stone. And for Pies! – Pies? Yes! Another customer says that she is an avid pie maker – and finally! – both the top and bottom crust are done the same – all due to the BellaCopper plates. She says this may be the best use for the BellaCopper plates yet! -See Oven Use section in titles to the left!

It is all due to the thermal conductivity properties of copper. Copper is Better! Science tells us that copper is 70% (1.7 times) better in heat transfer than pure aluminum, 5 times better than iron, and 23 times better than stainless steel!

Special BellaCopper Heat Diffuser features- All BellaCopper Heat Diffusers and Defroster Plates are square and feature rounded edges and corners (no sharp edges). All BellaCopper Heat Diffusers and Defroster Plates come shrink wrapped too, to preserve the bright and shiny finish – right up until your first use – when they will change color right away.

Great for RVs, Yachts, and camping too. It spreads the heat from one small burner all across your pan. And the ability to use multiple pots & pans on one burner really increases the cooking options (It’s a stove multiplier!). Works to control hot spots in RV ovens too!

They will change color with the first use. Clean them with Barkeepers Friend, or a lemon and rock salt if you want – or not, we rarely clean ours. For tough baked on food and scale go ahead and use something like Comet cleanser – that always works – it will scuff the surface to a matte finish a bit, but it gets the scale off. Note: Don’t wash in cold water when the copper is hot – this can lead to warping – Just let the copper cool on the stove first.