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As Spring slowly shows up here in the Colorado Rockies I sit back and cannot believe that a year has already gone by since our last National meeting in Branson, Missouri. For those of you that went we had a lot of fun and a lot of Rain. And for those of you that went this year to Branson for their annual Purple Heart week, hope you enjoyed your time.

And as a reminder that next year our National Meeting will be held again in Branson during their Purple Heart week. So start saving your money now, cost of most things there in Branson are extremely reduced for not only Purple Heart awardees but for Veterans in general. As an example, Last Year my girl and I went to the wax Museum and they reduced the cost 30% for both of us.

Also, to go and kind of piggy back what I had said at the end of last Summer, I would like to remind everyone about their Motorcycle maintenance and making sure that your bike is ridable for this upcoming season. As a motorcycle instructor I cannot tell you the amount of people that when the end of summer comes their bike is put away and they end up forgetting about the repairs that should have been made over the long winter. Replacing your battery, checking your tires for tread and changing your oil is not the only maintenance that is needed on your bike. Look in your owner’s manual if you don’t know where to start.

During this off year from our National meeting this is the year for your Regional Meetings or get together’. Riders get out and visit your fellow members. Maybe put together a ride to maybe meet at the state line to meet with your fellow members from a neighboring state. As an example, Colorado members take a ride to the Four Corners to meet with other PHR members from Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. Granted we have no members in New Mexico, but once again this is an example. The Key here is to get out together with your fellow State members and go meet another set of members from a different state. Each of us need to be individually responsible for not only maintaining our own membership with the PHRA but it is also our individual responsibility to include other members in our outings. Together, we can maintain that tight group and through the power of “wind therapy” we can help ourselves as well as helping other members. For the last few years I go to Arizona for one of my sons sporting events, I usually spend a week there visiting family, while there the PHRA members of Arizona and I have done something. Whether it was a motorcycle ride, breakfast or helping me trailer back my bike to my grandparents’ house because I broke down. But the key here is we at least meet.

Another thing that I would strongly encourage everyone to at least do once in your motorcycling lifetime, is to do the “Run for the Wall” and do that Sunday morning ride through DC when they close most of the roads around our National Monuments for the motorcycle community. You can even ride into Arlington National Cemetery without cost.

Just another reminder this June I will be doing the annual Devils Highway Ride on Jun 2. the ride starts in Springerville, AZ then leaving from there on the 3rd heading towards San Antonio, tx to ride the Three Twisted Sisters ride. And everyone of you are invited to meet me there.