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At present, the 14- member group called the South Benton Community Groundwater Network (SBCGN), is a “citizen science” project using well-monitoring equipment designed for domestic pumping wells to gather a range of data on groundwater levels and fluctuations – such as static water levels, pumping impact, and well recovery rates after water draw downs. g gas lol Gathering such data is possible through emerging technologies that monitor wells less invasively and more economically than prior technologies. The new technology enables network members to view fluctuations and seasonal trends of their own well and the whole network in real time. New members are currently being sought to join this voluntary network.

The Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) has actively participated throughout the establishment of the community groundwater network. gas 69 Through a series of community meetings, the OWRD has helped local residents understand geologic and hydrologic conditions making groundwater scarcity an issue for many of the area’s residents. Meanwhile, the department continues to validate the groundwater data from the new technology, which it began testing locally nearly two years ago.

The number of local failed and low-producing wells resulted in growing concerns for rural South Benton County residents who depend on domestic wells. Rural home owners have few options and little recourse when their domestic wells fail or falter. gas news australia Residents with concerns about the productivity of their wells need data to provide the basis for water-management decisions.

“We all came together because we saw a need and public resources were not readily available,” noted network member Evelyn Lee. “My well causes me a lot of concern. I know this project will not give me more water, but I believe it as important to see and understand local trends and be aware of local risks. This project makes it possible for the community to view groundwater pumping impacts on neighbors, and to see seasonal variations and impacts on the resource. With understanding, we have the opportunity to make good choices. Without it we have only our concerns and stress.”

It was once thought that groundwater monitoring would be the exclusive purview of government scientists, agencies and regulators. electricity trading hubs Wellntel upends that premise by enlisting, teaching and enabling citizens and community groups to themselves become collectors of groundwater data. gas in babies at night We’ve seen that businesses are as interested as citizens and communities in sustainability, and need groundwater facts to meet their profit goals, their goals for shareholder value, and to demonstrate corporate citizenship.

“Without sufficient supply from a sustainable source, a company faces a systematic business risk that often requires considerable mitigation. For some, this may require moving entire factories or reworking the supply chain, while for others it may require changing a product, products or processes.” – Nelson Switzer, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Nestlé Waters North America ( via Forbes)

On the ground, and through new customers and projects, we see that businesses must understand the natural resource condition in regions where they operate or invest, and, more specifically, make smarter operating decisions based on facts about groundwater supply and health. A water-intensive business with a portfolio of operating locations, can, for example, shift production to where resources are known to be abundant and renewable, and, then, become stewards to ensure that they will remain that way.

With Wellntel’s innovative turnkey Network Subscription offer, a business can stand up within weeks or even days a large scale and dense groundwater-monitoring network that is highly secure, and not be burdened with the purchase or management of equipment or new IT systems. Through this industry leading offer, the business customer will receive actionable and accurate data ready for use in reports, for sustainability metrics and assessments, and for investor and management communications. Call 844-935-5426 or email info@wellntel.com for network pricing.

With a Pump Performance Kit installed on a well with a pump, any Wellntel system will take readings on the programmed time interval (default is once every 4 hours), but if the pump is running when the reading is taken, the reading will be tagged “Pump Influenced”, and if the pump is not running, the reading will be tagged “Timed.” All Hydrographs on dashboards will include Pump Influence readings by default, but customers can choose to exclude Pump Influenced readings when the “Static” radio button is selected, and data exported from these charts will include or exclude readings as selected.

Pump influence exclusion is a common practice among groundwater scientists and water managers, who often value trends more than up-to-the-minute operating conditions. electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics However, with the ability to tag these and other local conditions (like pump start, stop and recovery) Wellntel offers new possibilities and insights. gas and bloating after miscarriage With the power to collect and then choose to either include or exclude these data when it makes sense, owners and network sponsors gain deeper understanding of a well and the groundwater source it draws from.

For most well owners and network members, Timed Readings with Pump Influence Tagging will be more than enough, so this is the factory default setting in a Basic system. Some Wellntel owners, like farms and mine operators running networks of systems, will require data and alerts from every pumping event, so +Pump factory default will track and tag all events.

Customers not yet running sensor firmware V2.0 or later, or who are unsure of the firmware they have, should contact Wellntel to arrange for review and possible upgrade. Customers running older firmware should upgrade in order to take advantage of these and future features. Firmware older than V2.0 will no longer be supported after July 21, 2018.