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The route will start from and finish at the Nevis Range complex, snaking and climbing up Aonach Mor and deep into Leanachan Forest and onto the world famous Witch’s Trail, World Champs and other amazing trails that make up the fantastic network within Leanachen forest. With at least half of the event taking place in the dark, the course has been designed to be ride-able for the full 24 hours regardless of weather conditions.

This is your opportunity to join the worlds very best endurance athletes for the a weekend of endurance mountain biking at one of the best venues that the UK has to offer. No Fuss Events have been successfully running the Relentless 24hr since October 2006 and have hosted WEMBO in 2014 we are therefore confident that the 2018 course will be one of the very best.

It is important that WEMBO has the look and feel of a World Championship event. The £10000 prize money has to come from somewhere, then there is and 12000 of infrastructure such a marquees and lighting units, Sportident air time system, media coverage support. Riders pit boards, crew T shirts, finishers mementos, none of which are supplied at R24.

Under the Outdoor Capital brand the chamber membership collaboratively publicise, sponsor and promote the area as a tourism destination. gas relief while pregnant The organisation produces official event programmes and guides which showcase all there is to see and do in the area. The Outdoor Capital of the UK website is the site to go to for local events and visitor accommodation, with an overall objective of developing local jobs and wealth and encouraging sustainable economic growth.

The organisation currently has a wide range of member businesses which range from accommodation, food and drink and activity providers to non-tourism focused businesses who support the aims of the Lochaber Chamber of Commerce and acknowledge that tourism is crucial to the local economy. Many of these businesses are SMEs and by pulling resources and working as a team the Lochaber Chamber of Commerce achieves the positive results that individually the members couldn’t otherwise reach.

The Race Organisers, the Chief Commissaire, or the Race Director reserves the right to change any rules and regulations at any time to provide fair and safe riding conditions. Riders will be required to sight a copy of the final rules and regulations at event registration. After event registration closes, any changes to rules and regulations will be announced at a race briefing.

If a qualified international commissaire is appointed by the Race Organisers as the Chief Commissaire, they will have absolute authority in ruling on infringements, having taken advice from the organisers, race director, medical staff, time-keepers and course marshals. The Chief Commissaire may impose penalties ranging from a warning, a fine, removal of a lap through to disqualification. The Chief Commissaire’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Riders should be prepared to start with a short “Le-Mans” run to an area where their helpers are holding their bikes from behind barricades. No personnel other than riders are allowed on this part of the course. electricity usage calculator south africa Riders must wear their bike helmets during the Le-Mans run. Depending on entry numbers and the layout of the event centre, a riding start (traditional XCO start method) may be used. The final decision on the start method is advised to the riders at the race brief.

Printed start lists will be displayed at Registration and will also be available online. A start list will be published at the close of Registration on the Friday before the race, and will be available at the Race Brief. Riders have 30 minutes after conclusion of the Race Brief to advise the Race Director of any changes. After that time, no changes to the starting list, by rider or category, are permitted.

The race may be paused or abandoned due to extreme weather, emergencies or any other reason decided by the organiser or Chief Commissaire. If the race is paused, all riders must complete the lap they are on and their time and laps will be recorded. If the race is then abandoned, that will determine the final placings. grade 9 static electricity quiz If the race is resumed at a later time, then the riders will be started on their lap in a staggered start method, so that each rider has the same time off the bike due to the pause and there is no unfair advantage gained. Riders who were in the pit row when the race was paused, will be started with the first rider when the race is resumed.

The Elite Male and Female winners will be presented to the crowd and media at the event at 1430 on Sunday. The official presentations and awards ceremony/dinner for all categories will be held on Sunday evening at 1900. Podium riders must be present in order to receive their prizes unless they are prevented by a medical condition authorised by the event medical staff.

26”, 29” or 650B mountain bike wheels and mountain bikes are the only style of bikes/equipment to be ridden in the race. No other type of bike is allowed, including flat bar road bikes or touring bikes with road type bars. Expressly forbidden are road and cyclo-cross bikes and unicycles. The minimum tyre width allowed is 1.6”. Front suspension is recommended but not compulsory. Bar ends are allowed but only on the ends of the bar. Triathlon style aero-bars are forbidden.

International Standards approved bicycle helmets must be worn at all times while riding a bike during competition and practice. The following helmets are accepted: AS/NZ 2063, ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B or N Series, ASTM F-1447, CAN/CSA-D113.2-M, US CPSC standard for bicycle helmets, European CEN standard EN1078. Failure to meet this requirement may result in immediate disqualification from the event. Damaged helmets must be replaced. gas monkey live Skate style helmets are not approved for this race. The mounting bracket for a helmet-mounted camera must not compromise the structure of the helmet. For example, it can be attached by straps, velcro or glue – but it cannot be bolted to the helmet.

At night, you must have a red rear flashing light, a white front light minimum 5W halogen equivalent, plus a spare white light (this can be a second front light, head lamp or a small torch). You will be advised during the race briefing what time you must have lights fitted, and your helpers will be reminded throughout Saturday afternoon by public address announcements and signage in the helper area.

Riders need to be prepared for drug testing by the national anti-doping agency of the host country of the race. Chaperones and escorts will be provided by the organizer. The top 10 men and top 5 women can expect to be tested however additional riders may be chosen at the sole discretion of the national anti-doping agency. The race numbers of riders to be tested will be published on a board at the finish line from 1200 to 1415 on Sunday. gas mask art If a selected rider does not present for testing, they will be disqualified.

The Solo Pit Row Area is part of the course. All riders must pass through it every lap. It will be designed so that all riders travel the same distance to go through it. Each rider will be allocated a 3m x 3m space where they can place their own support tent or hire a tent from the organisers. All tent fittings, including ropes and pegs, must be within the allocated area. Access to the Solo Pit Row Area is by pass, which will only be given to riders, helpers (maximum 3 per rider), officials and media.

The rider can only receive assistance from their helpers inside or directly in front of their allocated pit area, keeping the course clear. There will be a 1.5 metre "clear zone" in front of each 3m x 3m Solo Pit Row area. This must be kept clear of tents and other items. If a rider needs to stop to collect any items, or to have work done on their bike, then they must pull off the course in the Solo Pit Row area and into this clear zone. Riders must not stop on the course in the Solo Pit Row and obstruct other riders.

All Solo 24Hr riders must have nominated a helper who will be at the race site and who can be contacted by mobile phone (provision of this information is part of your online entry). One helper can support a maximum of 3 riders. A helper must not assist a rider, other than their own, in the solo pit area. A helper must not interfere or obstruct another rider, or hinder the provision of support to another rider.

A rider may withdraw from the race at any time. electricity water analogy If they choose to withdraw, they must notify the event staff at the timing tent. A rider who withdraws is not allowed to rejoin or resume the race. They must remove their race numbers and cannot ride on the course for the remainder of the event. If they have completed at least one lap, they will be awarded a race result.

If a rider wishes to take an extended rest (more than 1 hour off the course) before resuming the race, the rider or their helper must advise the timing staff so that lost-rider procedures are not instigated when they fail to come through timing at the expected time. There is no requirement to advise the timing staff when they resume the race.

The rider in front is under no obligation to let you pass, but slower riders and lapped riders should not delay faster riders unless it is unsafe to let them pass. Remember, if you are the overtaking rider, the conditions you feel are safe may not be considered safe by the rider you want to overtake. They may be less experienced than you, or they may have seen something on the track that you have not.