West side story by daniela il volo flight crew ~share the love gas nozzle prank

Daniela, I can’t offer any suggestion about who could play Maria, as I don’t see enough contemporary movies to know who! Maybe a talented, appropriate unknown, or an actress from a Broadway or off-Broadway musical, …. or…. a singer/dancer/actress from Puerto Rico?! The folks of Puerto Rico could sure still use a big morale boost and a major Spielberg production might help with that.😘 As for which members of Il Volo, I would have to agree with those who suggested Ignazio for Maria’s man. He’s also a Libran. Librans — very generally ‘speaking’ now — can be ‘naturals’ for any public stage! As for the Bernardo character, my only reference is the famous West Side Story film; hard for me now to not picture the particular physical characteristics of the actor George Chakiris in that role which he played in the film. The actor would have to be fairly tall, as there is the scene of a ‘macho’ confrontation, for example. Hmm… maybe Ignazio as Bernardo; Gianluca as Maria’s lover and… Piero as that other guy?? Only if I could actually imagine Piero feeling comfortable… acting! 😟😅 Wait ! I’ve got it: Ignazio as Tony and MARIE as Maria: guaranteed block-buster mega-hit movie with that pairing! OK, everyone: Casting is now closed for the two starring roles. 😃😂

I don’t know about others of you on this blog, but I have decided NOT to read any more comments on the other facebooks. The miserable comments and information being passed around (true or false?) is really getting me down, as much as it would, if they were making these comments about my own children. A lot of dissatisfaction out there about this video/single. This is my first time with witnessing a new project rollout and didn’t realize how mean some people can be in his forum. I’m worried that this apparent turmoil will have some sort of lasting, damaging affect on the Trio’s future career. I don’t think they made a wise decision with this venture and I suspect they may have been somewhat pressured, and, I also suspect that there are other parties who saw lots of $$$$$ signs in having them do this in the Americas. I could also be very wrong about all this. I am a hooked fan and really love the guys music and hope they get back to that which they do best. Had to get this off my chest. Thanks for listening!

• La Partita del Cuore – 20:00 May 30, 2018 at 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm Stadio Luigi Ferraris. Via Giovanni de Prà, 1 – Genova at 20:00 IL VOLO will participate in this event. The National Singers will take the field together with the Champions of Smile, a very special team composed of great artists, sportsmen, national and international personalities. The Match of the Heart 2018 will serve to raise awareness and raise funds for the “Giannina Gaslini” Institute of Genoa, one…

• Radio Italia Live – In Concerto 19:10 June 16, 2018 Milan, Italy IL VOLO will be one of the artists singing at the biggest live event of Italian music. RADIO ITALIA LIVE – CONCERTO will be broadcast live on Radio Italia , Radio Italia TV (70 DTT channel, 725 SKY channel, TivùSat 35 channel, only in Switzerland Video Italy HD) and in audio / video streaming on…

• Marostica Summer Festival – IL VOLO in Concert 21:30 July 19, 2018 Piazza Castello, Turin, Italy IL VOLO will be on the stage with an orchestra that will accompany the guys in an extraordinary evening characterized by pop songs and many other surprises.

Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival July 31, 2018 at 9:30 pm – 10:30 pm Monte Carlo, Monaco-Ville, Monaco Il Volo will be in concert at Salle des Etoiles for an amazing dinner-show next Tuesday 31st of July 2018 for the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival. The dinner show will start around 8:30 pm Monte-Carlo time.