Westbrook’s wars – how conflict elevates russell westbrook and the oklahoma city thunder 3 gases that cause global warming


Standing under the basket, Westbrook bounced skyward and goaltended Rocky’s shot. The boos that rained down were hellacious, and Westbrook was booed every time he touched the ball from there on out. With three minutes to go, the Thunder trailed by 11, but behind a run sparked by Westbrook — he scored seven of their final m gasol 13 points, including a game-tying 3 with 22 seconds left — OKC forced overtime. The Thunder ended up losing when Corey Brewer blocked Westbrook’s final desperation 3-point attempt in OT.

Westbrook is one of the top players whom opposing fans hp gas online payment love to hate, but hell hath no fury like an arena robbed of cheese. Nuggets fans have pummeled Westbrook since — except for 2017, when they actually electricity lessons ks1, remarkably cheered him when he broke Oscar Robertson’s single-season triple-double record. And then the Thunder eliminated the Nuggets from playoff contention with a game-winning buzzer-beater. Last season, it got to the point of a Nuggets fan yelling in Westbrook’s face after Gary Harris hit a game winner.

In the closing minutes of a Jan. 22 Thunder-Blazers game, Lillard shot free throws with about a minute left and OKC up nine. Westbrook appeared to tell him the attempts didn’t matter — the game was over. Lillard reminded Westbrook that there’s always electricity deregulation in california time when he’s playing. Westbrook shook his head and appeared to say, I’ve been busting [his] ass for years.

Westbrook’s public enemy No. 1, of course, is Patrick Beverley. Their blood feud began in the 2013 playoffs, when Beverley ran into Westbrook’s knee, tore his meniscus and ended his season. Westbrook, and people within the Thunder organization, still fume about that play, believing it cost them a championship. (The 60-win Thunder were the best n gas price statistical team in the NBA gas 87 89 91.) Some still won’t say Beverley’s name, referring to him as that player or the player who ran into Russell.

Rubio broke loose and torched the Thunder in Game 4 of last season’s Thunder-Jazz first-round series, with Westbrook proclaiming that he was going to shut that s— off in Game 5. Westbrook came out hounding Rubio, picking him up full-court. Westbrook also picked up three quick fouls and completely disrupted the flow of the game for OKC.

Zaza Pachulia is up there. In 2017, Pachulia committed a flagrant on Westbrook, then stood over gas 1981 him and stared down. After the game, Westbrook declared he would get his ass back at some point. Westbrook heard from the NBA about that and has yet to deliver his retaliation. Pachulia, though, got in another shot last season, falling on Westbrook’s knee. Westbrook called Pachulia dirty after the game.

In 2016, Westbrook, along with Durant and Serge Ibaka, was supposed to rest electricity jokes puns the second night of a back-to-back. The problem was the Thunder were playing gas 1940 hopper the Detroit Pistons, and Westbrook was not interested in sitting. On the other side was Reggie Jackson, Westbrook’s former backup and a player who requested a trade from the Thunder. Westbrook played it coy. It was nice to see a game where sometimes they expect you to sit out, but I loved to see Russ like, ‘Sit out against Reggie? I want to play,’ former teammate Nazr Mohammed said in 2016. I love how Russ looks at the opposing point guard, and he wants to kill everybody. That’s the type of guy you gas x while pregnant like to go to war with.

Embiid is a known trash-talker, both on and off the court and on social media. With Westbrook, that’s a combustible situation. This season, Embiid committed a hard foul on Westbrook late in a close game, and Westbrook took exception. After the game — another Thunder win — Westbrook was asked if they were cool. His answer was an instant viral moment: F— no.

When Westbrook gas pain in chest was younger, his dad taught him a simple basketball principle: When you’re on that court, your only friend is the ball. It’s why Westbrook doesn’t chat up opponents pregame, instead standing alone on the other side of the floor with an imaginary force field around electricity sound effect him while others go through customary pregame daps. He’ll give a slight nod to a former teammate or friend but never anything more than that.

Westbrook is a provocateur, poking and prodding his opponent to his breaking point. He has to play on edge — it’s the only way gas 10 ethanol he knows — and there are times when he senses that a personal spark is needed. He invents enemies sometimes or, at least, assists in creating them. He thrives on confrontation because that’s when the competition is best. Where animosity and tension meet, Westbrook is there.