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A year after Leonardo DiCaprio proclaimed he was king of the world in the 1997 box office movie “Titanic,” future Weymouth High School Salutatorian Brian Warner was born and he dreamed of sitting on a royal throne at age three.

A year after Leonardo DiCaprio proclaimed he was king of the world in the 1997 box office movie “Titanic,” future Weymouth High School Salutatorian Brian Warner was born and he dreamed of sitting on a royal throne at age three.

“It took me a long time to get a concise direction of what I wanted to do,” said Brian, who graduated second in his senior class Saturday. Gas pain “The first thing I wanted to do at age three was be king of the world. O goshi judo I then wanted to be a genetic engineer, but gene biology was too cool for me. Electricity units of measurement At age nine or ten I heard a friend use the term “quantum mechanics” while on a long train ride to New Jersey. Gas after eating bread After the train ride, I starting finding out new stuff about that.”

“I moved up here when I was in seventh grade,” Brian said. Gas x strips after gastric sleeve “We moved because of high property taxes. Gas mask drawing A lot of times when I think of Weymouth, I think of when I left New Jersey and how that Weymouth High School was the best possible change. Electricity projects for class 12 It was really welcoming from the get go and I could see I would be part of the community. Gas laws worksheet with answers I found I could get involved in every opportunity that I wanted.”

Brian said during his senior year he served as captain of Scrap 4051, a school robotics team, founded a poetry club, and was president of the student gay-straight alliance.

“I began doing robotics during my sophomore year,” Brian said. Gas pain in shoulder “My first robotics competition was awesome. Electricity production There is a culture around it that is not only welcoming, but bright and expressive. Gas vs diesel towing You go to competitions and see people wearing mascot costumes with all sorts of flared buttons. Gas city indiana police department You have to work hard to build a robot in a matter of six weeks.”

“We almost made it to the regional championship, but some organization issues got into the way,” Brian said. Gas 37 weeks pregnant “Robotics has been the biggest extracurricular activity I have been involved in and that experience will stay with me the rest of my life. D cypha electricity futures This year’s robot we had was a small low framed robot that could move fast.”

“During the summer between my sophomore and junior year I studied pre-calculus and trigonometry,” Brian said. Gasset y ortega biografia “Before school started in my junior year, I was able to go into the senior Advance Placement level in math and science classes in the school. Electricity and magnetism pdf They were more interesting classes than what I had been doing before. Natural gas jokes When the seniors left in May, I finished the course. Gas 02 I studied books, did independent studies in math and physics. Gas number I also studied electricity and magnetism.”

“I joined the GSA at the end of my junior year,” Brian said. Gas and supply shreveport “It was myself and four seniors. Gas pain relief It was pretty much a social club where people hung out, ate and left. Electricity song youtube Within a few weeks of my joining it, I became president by default because I was the only person left.”

“By the end of my junior year, I got two people to join and we began planning for next year,” Brian said. Gas density and molar mass “By the end of September of my senior year we had 35 members and the vast majority stayed with us. Gas definition state of matter Instead of sitting around, we had a gay rights activist come to the school, we had our first LGBT assembly at the school and we brought Speak Out, a gay rights bureau, to the school.”

“It has been great to work for something I care about and a cause I believe in and to get kids in school involved and to make a difference in the community,” Brian said.

School math teacher Paul Meoni, a GSA advisor, said Brian was instrumental in growing the student group and running its meetings effectively.

“One of my friends was a senior and she had to complete a Capstone project,” Brian said. Power generation definition “She had a poetry slam contest and I performed in it and it was fun. Physics c electricity and magnetism formula sheet I did not want it to end.”

“I decided to start a club at the school for poetry around the same time I joined the GSA. Types of electricity generation I joined the poetry club with some of my friends and we would read poems, analyze them and look at different poetry, analyze techniques, write poetry, and look at poetry critically. Ideal gas definition chemistry We used poetry to explore different ideas about race to understand people and subjects better.”

“We talked about goals for next year and about adding a competition aspect with other schools in our poetry slams to make an impact,” Brian said.

“I have been a freelance pianist for our chorus during a school play, and the winter and spring concerts,” Brian said. 1 electricity unit in kwh “I played piano at the National Honor Society induction ceremony and during a recent talent show. Power kinetic energy I love performing music. Electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition answers It is awesome.”

“He does not speak English and Spanish is his second language because he speaks a native language,” Brian said. Gas 76 station “Spanish was the language he was taught in, and when he moved here he could not speak English. World j gastrointest surg impact factor I was his math tutor and we brought him up to a sixth grade level. Youtube gas pedal He has an amazing work ethic. Gsa 2016 calendar I was proud to see him come into his own.”