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We went out on Saturday 9/19/15, it was the perfect day. Sunny, not too hot, calm waters. We saw at least 2 whales, VERY ACTIVE. Rockaway Jerry, as the crew affectionately calls him, was very active playful. A lot of lunge feeding some breaching! We have been on several whale watching trips, including Alaska, Seattle to San Juan Islands Gloucester, MA. This trip is right up there with the best! Maybe it was our lucky day? These are wild animals you never know when they will show up. Artie, the professional photographer is a great guy. Between Artie, the captain the rest of the crew someone is always letting you know where the whale is located. It was one of the best times I have had on a whale watch trip!! Even the other passengers were fun. I truly recommend this trip if you like being out on the water. Wear sun protection if you burn easily, this is a 4 hour trip. You can go inside in the cabin but the fun is outside looking for the whales!! You can take electricity in the body causes snacks/food on board if you like, they also have food available a bar. Take your camera a sweater have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!! More Show less

Have been wanting to do whale watching for some time and recently saw NYTimes article saying that you can whales in NY Harbor. Wow – had no idea. We set sail on a Friday. Departure time is listed as noon but on this day the boat waiting for some passengers who had called saying they would late (left 20 minutes late). The website says to plan to be there an hour before departure to account for traffic a gas is a form of matter that conditions. Under no traffic conditions the trip there would take 90 minutes. Given what can happen with traffic we gave ourselves 2.5 hours to arrive by 11 am. It took us 2.25 hours (ALOT of construction on our route plus multiple bridges to cross). We had time to park and then to drive out and buy some sandwiches. Website says you can bring sandwiches but no beverages and no coolers. There are not too many food buying options in the vicinity. A catering truck shows up at 11 am across the street from the parking entrance but was late on this day. Supposedly this truck has everything – it didn’t look like your run of the mill hot dog and coffee operation. We wound up at a supermarket at the end of Breezy Point. Save yourself the aggravation and bring your own sandwiches or buy on the way there. Great sunny day. Crew was friendly. Boat was clean. They had a naturalist on board, Meryl, who gave a presentation about whales and was there to answer questions. All very interesting information. We saw two humpback whales – at a couple points the whales came within about 10 ft of the boat. It was AMAZING. I am so glad to have done this. There were some families with little children and infants. If you have a little child who likes to run around (there are steep metal stairs) I would say to wait until they are a little older. This is a fun family event – a fun event for anyone who can appreciate the grandeur of whales in the ocean. They have a snack bar with drinks (including alcoholic) – cash only. Souvenir t-shirt for $10 (cash) is a neat memento of the trip. Lots of parking and it’s free electricity kwh usage calculator. We got back later than 4 pm since we left late – that was fine. Don’t schedule your dinner reservations or other plans too close since you could run late with the return. Had a great time and I will go back again! Adults $45 – you can pay online and make reservations online. Website says that it is first come, first served. We bought our tickets the night before. PS The water was very calm but if you tropico 5 electricity get seasick this may not be the attraction for you.

we didn’t see any whales, nice day for trip on water though. just one note, the crew member who took the tickets doesn’t know where they go to see the whales, he said its eastern long island, so, the crew needs better education from the captains. otherwise, I felt safe in the captains hands on the water. they turned around a couple of weeks ago when they needed to. Whale watching can be exhausting. but, it would have been worth it if we actually saw one. but, the crew members are friendly and welcoming and most people on the cruise were pleasant to be around and tried to just enjoy the ride. we didn’t get seasick, but, truly if you do, try ginger and don’t go up to the front. I don’t like the drop in the stomach but, the side to side is also able to make one sick. we went on a calm day yesterday, just a little swaying back and forth and a couple of big waves , otherwise, smooth sailing. I would say if you leave nearby, give it a shot, its worth the try.ps if you do get real sea sick, remember the b games car winds make the most difference and any storms etc.

Ever have a job where the conditions that determine your success are complete out of your control? Gotta be rough huh? Well that’s what American Princess Cruises faces every whale watching trip and frankly I didn’t appreciate that till I went out with them on Sept. 14th (noon-4PM). They tried for 4 hours to deliver the goods. We passengers all tried for about the first 2-3 hours to spot whales. That last hour, lots of people were heads down and dozing but the crew was still all eyes on the water. 4 hours out … not one whale sighting. APCruises said they got word of a whale(s) here and there but as we raced around trying to catch one, they proved too elusive. Sad ride home for my family. Sad story with sad ending you say … not so fast! We called APCruises that week and talked with them about coming back out the following Sunday, Sept 21st. We thanks them for the $10/off cards passed out at the end of the disappointing outing and expressed our understanding they have a business to run with real costs (regardless of sightings, boat still burned a bunch of fuel, etc …). Still, we also had costs to come out too (tolls, time, gas …). Know what? APCruises gets it. They understand people are really excited to see the whales (and maybe dolphins, a turtle, a shark (fin) …), and real disappointed when the trip comes up short. I believe every trip goes out with high hopes and expectations. Rarely but possibly, the whales prove elusive, but not for lack of APCruises trying. Captain m gasol nba Tom and Capt. Frank work hard to deliver. Of all the people on the boat, these two ALWAYS have eyes open to the seas. Sunday 9/21 was a little rough at times and a couple people got seasick. I bet they didn’t realize on the sea leg back to the dock, the captains ran a far offshore course in the smoother rollers before turning back to inlet and some rougher water. I noticed it and it was a smoother ride for all for their efforts. Bet they were also hoping for one more whale(s) sighting for us on the way back in too. The boat is clean, the paint is in good service, the cabin and cushions are all in really good condition considering how much use this boat gets. This is a business that reinvests in its vessel to make our experience a great one. There is an onboard bar for beer, sodas, snacks and pretty good coffee. Tony works the bar. He’s a charming, sociable sort with a ready smile and a word of encouragement. He recognized my family from our 9/14 outing and all but promised us whales this 9/21 trip. How could you not believe him? APCruises delivered the goods on 9/21 (see my pics). A few pods of dolphins (maybe pilot whales) very close inshore and then after an hour of prayers and persistence, a good sized humpback whale. APCruises identified the whale by its tail markings as being named “Rockaway.” Maybe they were having a bit of fun with us but we were on the bait fish, on the whale 76 gas station locations sighting and everybody was having a great time. I understand APCruises can’t promise every one of their outings will be whales but I’m convinced they try damned hard to deliver on that intention. They run a safe, clean ship far as I can tell. The captains and crew are personable, encouraging and will teach you a thing or two. Trust them to do all they can to put you static electricity zap on whales and everything else of interest they can find. Pack a lunch and snacks, plenty of water and a warm hat/jacket in case it’s cool on the water. Insider tip, take the seating up top. Much easier to move side to side to see the whale(s) as the boat moves about; although you will feel a bit more of the rocking seas than being below. Best seats on the boat IMHO are top deck, rear most in between the ladders (stairs) directly above the bar. When you go, and I do suggest doing so, just keep in mind the adventure is in the going and searching and a fine day on the water. The whales are why you’re going but their showing themselves is a blessing. Good luck! Thanks APCruises. We plan to be back for the fall foliage Hudson River Valley cruise.