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Marco took our family of 5 out on a personalized tour at the end of Feb. He was great and the day was one of our most memorable from our 9 day trip around Baja Cali Sur!! Marco is very sincere, knowledgeable and accommodating, especially with our 3 young boys. He took our electricity distribution map boys fishing and my oldest, who is only 8, caught the largest fish in his life! Marco was very kind and patient with our kids giving them instructions and teaching them how to be better fishermen. Marco had given us the whole day and helped us find accommodations for a second night in the area. When we got back, his crew cleaned and filet the fish for us to take to a restaurant for dinner. That fish fed our entire family! Anyways, Marco and his whole crew were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. You will have a wonderful time and learn a lot about the area with Marco! Tip: With the personalized tour, you will have an opportunity to get out of the boat and walk around several times, so waters shoes and shorts or pants you can roll up are recommended. AND if you have children like mine who love the ocean, make sure you bring extra gas pain left side clothing for them to change into.

Five years ago we passed this way as we headed out to circumnavigate the world on our sailboat. At that time we visited Lopez Mateo to see the whales but were a little too early in the season and the mothers were still skittish about letting their calves too close to the tourist pangas. This time we intentionally waited until March and decided to try Puerto San Carlos which is south of Lopez Mateo and on a much wider and dramatically beautiful part of the bay. Puerto San Carlos was a good choice. While Lopez Mateo is smaller and the whales are not spread out in a large bay the experienced gas chamber crew at Magdalena Bay Whales had no problem finding the whales and making sure we had many hours of interaction with these magnificent animals. The water near Puerto San Carlos was much clearer that in Lopez Mateo so we could see the whales approaching under water and accurately predict when and where they would surface. We did this trip with friends so our party was a total of five people. That meant we had a panga to ourselves and could call the shots for where we went electricity production in the us and how much time we spent at various activities. We spent all out time, except for a short walk on the sand dunes and lunch in a fishing village, with the whales. Pelicans and seagulls can be seen a lot of places so we took a pass on the bird-watching options. Our Captain, Miguel, was obviously an experienced boatman and we never had any concerns about our safety even when motoring through pea soup fog at the start of our adventure early in the morning. Keep in mind that we had just finished a 5 year circumnavigation so we are sensitive to the subtle signs of an experienced and prudent boat handler. My bet is that Miguel is a fisherman outside the whale watching season. Before electricity word search answers long the fog burned off and we had a gorgeous cloudless day. Bring sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat. Miguel’s enthusiasm for the whales was impressive. He even ran the length of the panga a couple of times so he could reach out an touch the whales, too. He said many times, I love my job. Waiting until later in the season was a very good decision. Everyone got to touch whales and the photos we got are electricity load profile incredible. This is an experience we will never forget. It belongs on everyone’s bucket list. The first time we went to see the whales, at Lopez Mateo, we bought a package one day tour from La Paz and that worked out well. This time we wanted to spend the night, nearby, before our whale watching so we could get an early start and also wanted the option of staying longer if we wanted. All of us were a lot more experienced with traveling in Mexico than we were 5 years ago and did not feel the need for structured tour. The price tag with our approach, this time, was a much less. The rental car for 5 of us was $131 US including gas and liability insurance. You get better prices if you make the car reservation on line. We stayed at the two hotels in town. The first night we stayed at Mar y Arena which was very nice with excellent views but, when we decided to stay over for another night because our time on the water was much longer than we were expecting orlando electricity providers, Marco, of Magdalena Bay Whales, made reservations for us at Isabella Hotel and Villas. This would be the place we would use if we come back to Puerto San Carlos. The price was much lower and included a big breakfast (spotless kitchen) but the big attraction of the place is the warm hospitality of the entire staff. The kitchen is open to the dining area and when our dinner was being prepared I walked into the kitchen and got a tortilla making lesson from the cook. No store bought tortillas here. The food was good, plentiful and the margaritas excellent. I’ll post a lot more details about this adventure on our blog www.sailblogs electricity 101 presentation.com/member/activetransport, over the next few days, and will also post photos and links to videos once we have a chance to get them uploaded to youtube. Our friends got some excellent underwater shots of the whales using their gopro camera on a stick.