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We did the gas oil 2 day-tour at the Ha Long Bay. We were picked up at the hotel on time and arrived at the bay at around 12 o’clock. The boot, thouh not the newest, was ok and so were the cabins (at least the one we had upstairs, cannot say anything about the others). The food was great and staff was very friendly. Tony, the main tourguide, was extremly nice, dedicated and helpful, still we had some communication problems because his electricity quiz for grade 5 english was not the best. So he tried to tell us a lot of surly interesting things about the bay which we unfortunately did not unterstood. The rest of the team did not speak english at all. One thing that was very disturbing was that we anchored in a bay full of rubbish. The bay is not very clean at all parts but that place was especially dirty. We later told 8 gases this in the office too and were told thats because ethnic travel doesnt anchor where everyone else does. That is a nice thought but when it means it is dirty instead of crowded I cant see the advantage. When we went into the kayaks it was quite disgusting till we arrived around the next corner. We asked about going to some other place for kayaking but it was not possible (mainly I guess because they did not understood us) Nice was the cave we visited there c gastritis der antrumschleimhaut. At 12 o’clock we arrived back at the port. All in all a nice trip and the bay itself (rocks and water without rubbish) were beautiful.

I thought it might be helpful for others if I described our experience with Ethnic Travel and the Ha Long Bay trip as the website is vague. We paid 50% deposit gas city indiana newspaper via email and the remainder in person in the office the day before we went to Ha Long Bay. The office was quite easy to find in the Old Quarter. Staff were pleasant (offered green tea) but a little pushy trying to get us to book other tours. The next day we were picked up by a minibus from our accommodation and travelled about 4 hours to the docks. Halfway we stopped for 20 minutes at a tourist trap that gas youtube sells handicrafts, garden statues, food and drink etc. The toilets were Western and clean. The drive was typical of what you get in Vietnam i.e. fast with lots of beeping. I felt a bit concerned for the driver who obviously drives to and from Ha Long Bay each day (8 hr+). The company seem to have more than one boat in rotation at Ha Long Bay. On arrival we were quickly ushered into the boat, sat down with a complimentary cup of green tea and the guide introduced himself. We were allocated to our rooms (double rooms upper deck, twin rooms lower deck). Our room upstairs was nice enough. The boat is a bit hp gas online booking old so the rooms are rickety but it was clean and there was an ensuite with shower. Our friends room downstairs wasn’t so nice as it was very damp (including the bedding). Her neighbours complained and asked for the air con to be turned on to help dry it out. After being shown our gas kush rooms, lunch was served and was freshly prepared and tasty. The staff were very friendly and courteous. Our guide took us kayaking and we visited some busy and some quiet areas. We saw a monkey and listened to the call of a chameleon and birds electricity and magnetism online games. Ha Long Bay is very spoilt with lots of litter and diesel in the water. However the limestone formations are beautiful. After kayaking we had time to relax on deck before dinner. Drinks are extra but not expensive by Western standards e.g. $2/beer (note they expect payment in dong ?exchange rate…). The captain tried to sell us pearls after dinner which was a bit awkward. Air con is only turned on for a couple of hours at night but it wasn’t too hot so this wasn’t an issue. After breakfast the next day we kayaked a short distance to a cave which was beautiful. Bring a head gas and electric credit union torch if you have one as we only had one torch between 8! It involved some clambering up and down rocks but our guide was very helpful to those that struggled. On return we had 30 min to shower and vacate our rooms before sailing back i have electricity in my body to the dock. Those going back to Hanoi waited at the dock for the driver. Those doing the extra day caught a bus ride with the guide and went on. We then travelled the four hours (with stop) back to Hanoi and got dropped off at our accommodation. There were a few niggles with this trip but overall I enjoyed it and met some lovely people. I’d guess this is a mid range option and not budget or for the luxury traveller. Also don’t be surprised by the state of the water at Ha Long Bay. Bring extra clothes to change into if you kayak. You can go swimming but the boats (including ours) empty effluent into the water and gas in back relief I believe the water quality to be poor.