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Three generation family of 12 ranging in age from 11 to 76 went for a night out and everyone had a great time! Food first– the kids are picky eaters, two gluten free, and let’s face it, the adults are fairly picky too. For the picky among us, the food was fine, for the omnivores who care, the food was reportedly quite good. For this vegetarian, the entree was boring, but the salad, soup and dessert were all good. If you are coming to TZ for the food, you are probably gas monkey live in the wrong place, but if you care about food, you’ll at least find it acceptable. As a plus, the two gluten free kids are very used to being singled out for their necessary dietary restrictions. Instead of some embarrassing sign, or having to tell the wait staff over and over that they are gluten free, the hostess brought a gold charger (large plate/place mat type thing) for each of their places. That was a sign to all the servers that they were gluten free. The kids got a fancy setting power per kwh and no need to ask for ingredients every time. The drinks- pricey but good. If you expect less than $14 for a cocktail at a place like this, you are expecting too much. My Manhattan was delicious! The Show– this is what you came for! A variety show of singing, dancing, magic, slapstick, contortion, and aerial acrobatics. A lot of fun. The performers were excellent, to a person. The story was gasset y ortega filosofia thin, but that’s not what it was about. The aerialists were all phenomenal (and I’ve taken Aerial silk classes, so have seen great aerial!!). The singers all had great voices. The show was absolutely appropriate for the 11-15 year old kids we had with us. There was a strip tease that never went barer than a bathing suit, and a character called a dominatrix which I have no idea if the kids understood or not. The dominatrix outfit was more subtle than cat-woman and her dialogue was cleaner than an episode of the Bachelor. The 13 year old girl was uncomfortable when one actor stripped down to boxers, but his stripping wasn’t inappropriate, it was typical teenage response to seeing a man in boxers. The staff engaged the kids during the meal, lest they get bored. In fact, the 11 year old said that the magic was his favorite part of the whole show. Service– everyone tries very hard to make you feel welcome and well hosted. The waitstaff were wonderful, and helpful in correcting an error on the drink bill (error in our favor of almost $100). They were patient with the kids and seemed to enjoy their part in the show (each course had a creative way of delivery). The up-sale- there are a lot of opportunities to open your wallet at this event. Drinks, upgrades on the entree– like a lobster tail– photos, and bling in the lobby. None of the up-sales were pushed hard. We said we wanted to think gas 101 about the photos, and when the gal looped back around to ask again, she was very low key about it (we did a group photo that was delightful– $60 for three poses with all 12 of us, one print and a memory stick with the rest). The drawbacks– the space is small and can feel tight. Three hours is a long evening for the kids. There isn’t an intermission as the show goes on even during dinner, so no good time to use the restroom without feeling like you are missing something. At a table for 12 it wasn’t easy to talk to folks at the thermal electricity how it works other end of the table. The biggest ick factor of the day– the opening had the MC pulling some women up to dance with him. It was clear that the point of this dance was to make them feel uncomfortable because he was dancing too close. It is a typical trope in this type of performance, fit the character, and at the same time, was entirely inappropriate. This type of activity should be removed from the script. Seating advice– the cheap seats put you at family tables, possibly mp electricity bill payment online bhopal with other parties. The more expensive seats, and private tables put you in the front, more likely to be called up for audience participation. You should choose what makes sense for your desire to participate or not and to talk to others or not. The closer you sit to the front the more you become part of the show. There is not a bad seat in the house, as it is a small house and the show takes place all around you. A note on parking– yes, you have to pay $15 to park. 100% of this goes to King County Parks. Support your parks, it is worth it. The walk from the car to the tent is paved with a plastic liner, so you can avoid puddles or muddy grass. I’m not sure how well stilettos would do on this surface.

My wife and I have visited Teatro ZinZanni three times, including this most recent visit at their new digs in Redmond’s Marymoor Park. We had loved our first two visits that we purchased tickets electricity journal last year for another visit. Unfortunately they lost their land in Seattle and the famed spiegeltent was packed up until suitable locations could be found. In October of this year, they reopened with the new show in the new location in Marymoor. We booked for right after opening weekend but due to some conflicts had to reschedule. The booking office customer service was very helpful in making that happened. Last night we finally got to use those nearly two year old tickets and we greatly enjoyed the show and dinner. We stayed in downtown Redmond, Ubered to the park (because drinks), and arrived around an hour before show time. I know they encourage guests to arrive as much as an hour electricity merit badge pamphlet and a half before the show but I would strongly recommend that you do not! There isn’t a lot to do prior so the evening can drag on unnecessarily if you get there too early. The tent feels smaller than the original and on the weeknight we attended roughly a fifth of the tables were empty. If you don’t purchase a private table, you will have seating buddies at your table (which can detract from a romantic evening, if that’s what you’re in for). Service was good throughout the evening with frequent water substitution and prompt course service at designated breaks in the show. While z gas cd juarez telefono service is going cast members visit tables, offering offbeat conversations and interactions which keep the energy up. The food was not as good as I remembered it being in years prior, but it was good. The salad dish felt incomplete, the soup was a bit grainy, and each dish had a component or two that felt like it could be polished more. It was on par with many fine dining establishments but not the standout we remembered. The show was well conceived, and involved the usual acrobatics and variety show performances one expects from Teatro ZinZanni. Overall it felt slightly more conservative and less gas nozzle icon risqué in humor than our past visits and some of the acting felt a little forced. That being said, it was still well worth the trip and we will likely plan another visit a few years down the line. All in, I would guess the new location and show and cast are all likely still getting comfortable with each other and many of these kinks will be worked out. It’s a great show for a couple on a special occasion, a small group of friends, and with its current humor appropriate for more relaxed work groups.