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Travelled solo in 2 person cabin. I had the lower bed down all electricity lyrics the time which was convenient when wanting a nap. Shower down the hall was a very nice feature. Bring flipflops or water shoes. Food was great. The wines available were not the best Canadian wines, but they were pricey. Some of the travelling troubadours and entertainers are good musicians – others …. I had checked out of my hotel just before the 11:45 am departure from Winnipeg. Oops, the train is 10 hours late as I found out at the station. I did get a couple of vouchers wd gaster theory for lunch and dinner at a good nearby restaurant. Train attendants and staff were great. If you are in the Park car at the end of the train, hold on to your drink when the locomotive engineer is making up lost time. Since we were 10 hours late, we did get see some fantastic scenery in BC – Hell’s Gate, Pyramid Falls etc during daylight. Took almost an hour to get my checked luggage in Vancouver – seems to be typical. Highly recommended adventure if you have reasonable expectations.

Took electricity pictures the train from Montreal to Toronto and then back. Had a business class ticket and had an older in-remodelled car to Toronto and a newly remodelled car back to Montreal. It’s been a while since I took the train and getting to central station in Montreal, had trouble finding the business lounge especially since there was no information booth. I have to say that the service was top notch along with the free wifi and food. The problem gas up shawty was the horn that was rung at every crossing between Montreal and Toronto. You can imagine how many times. Whatever you do, do not get on the train without a good pair of noise cancelling headphones and an MP3 player. This will save your sanity. Seats in the gas house old car were actually more comfortable than the new cars. They brag about the features on the seats but they suck. Too stiff, don’t recline enough and the headrest is far to far back. Again, thank God I had my inflatable pillow. How can they get all of this wrong??????? I will say the layout is better in the new cars but NOT the seats. Executive lounges were adequate but nothing special. Again, the seating in the lounges sucks. Overall a decent experience and would do it again. Just don’t forget the necessities I mentioned!

We signed arkansas gas prices up for a trip that included 5 towns and the overnight train ride, which turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip. We had never been on an overnight train ride before and if this is any indication of what they are gas after eating salad like, we will definitely be doing more of them in the future. got on board in the evening, dropped off our carry on in our room and headed to the dining car for a meet and greet with the other passengers. Being January, not a large crowd, but it worked for us — don’t like large crowds. had some hors d’oeuvres, talked a bit to the other passengers and then retired for the evening. got up early and headed to the viewing car so we could get front row seats. that’s the way to do it. now if it were a really full train, you’d be expected to move and give others a chance at the front, but gasbuddy va we didn’t have to deal with the crowds. the views — incredible, fantastic, you pick the adjective. it was the snowy season so we were able to see some absolute beauty as we cruised into the Rockies. the passengers onboard actually added to the overall experience. there was the disgruntled Canadian who bemoaned the Queen (apparently Canada is still under the British Parliament – one gets a free education wherever they go!), taxes, the plight of the loonie (that’s their Canadian dollar yoga gas relief pose — it’s dropped ALOT in the past few months), etc. he was very entertaining. and then you have the foamers – yeah, we had never heard that word before either, but as it was explained to us (and then confirmed on Urban Dictionary), it’s someone who basically is infatuated with trains. these two guys talked for what seemed hours about all the trains they’d been on, seen, driven, you name it. 24/7 trains with those industrial electricity prices by state guys. very nice, very knowledgeable, but not someone you’d want to be cornered by at a party!! but as I said, they really added to the experience, which is what vacations are all about, right? this was to be a 20 hr ride, but apparently during the night we were put onto another line due to another train hitting gastroenterologia o que trata a rock (or vice versa) and we ended up being some 3 hrs late. heard later that nobody ever worries about the trains being on time because this sort of stuff happens a lot and the rails are driven by commerce, not by hauling paying passengers. what this means is that every time another train going in the opposite direction was heading our way, we had to pull over and let them pass – products MUST get to market on time. no worries, all part of the experience, just something to keep in mind gas yojana when making connection plans. in a word — be very flexible! sit back and enjoy – you’ll have a super time. and the food was delicious too!

Spent four nights in a one person cabin, I found it lovely and cozy. With Murphy bed pulled down, I was right at the large picture window. The attendant took the time to tell me if I turned out my reading light, I could watch the northern lights gas kansas. Fabulous . Travelling across my country from the Rockies, to the prairies to the canadian shied was a once in a life time trip. It’s not cheap! The meals were superb. Prime rib and prawns and scallops and the soups were to die for. Service, whether electricity drinking game in the dome car or my little cabin was a plus. Be warned! Via doesn’t travel on the schedule published. We were 12 hours late getting into Toronto. Do not book ongoing travel the same day unless it was with Via. For me, it was an extra twelve hours of enjoyment on the great Canadian. I’m a fairly laid back traveller m gasbuddy app so it doesn’t take a lot to keep me happy. Other passengers thought the sleeping cars and decor was shabby and looking run down. The showers and bathrooms were sparkling clean and the bed linens and duvet were so warm and comfy. I highly recommend the great Canadian train trip. By the way, check out our ten dollar bill. That’s the Canadian train featured on it.