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Highly unprocessed and inorganic diet available to us is insufficient at delivering all essential micronutrients in desired amounts. Moreover, digestive system and metabolic requirements of all the individuals are different, suggesting that extra supplementation is needed in order to cater to physical, mental and physiological needs. Best Multivitamin for Men

Rainbow Men’s One supply vitamin A, lycopene, choline, vitamin b12, zinc, vitamin D and vitamin E. Rainbow Light Men’s One is highly recommended since the active multivitamin formulation contain probiotics, enzymes and amino acids as well as multivitamins. Moreover, active ingredients like lycopene are known for anti-cancer activity.

With a recommended daily dose of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and magnesium, Men’s Health Formula is one best multivitamin for men which supplies essential nutrients to prevent cardiac issues, stroke, bone disorders, degenerative bone diseases and cancerous conditions. It is one of the economical and highly rated formulations.

The perfect blend of essential vitamins and branched chain amino-acids along with zinc and thiamine is all what your muscles need after workouts. Indeed the best choice of multivitamins for men in their 20s and 30s. Experts suggest the iron and vitamin B-complex help prevent toxicity in health conscious athletic fitness lovers; and this multivitamin is a great source of iron and B-complex vitamin.

This mega formula supplies magnesium, lycopene, zeaxanthin, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin B6. This supplement allows higher delivery of magnesium when compared to all other supplements. For example, GNC Mega Men Energy & Metabolism supplies 25% magnesium as oppose to 13% with most other formulations.

Centrum Silver specifically aim for men above 50 years but all the micronutrients are formulated in the maximum tolerable dosage, suggesting that this formulation is perfect for young healthy males too. Each capsule supply vitamin A, vitamin D, magnesium, lycopene, vitamin E and vitamin B12.

Gummies supplies the recommended daily intake of vitamin A, pantothenic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin C and zinc. These pills abolish the need of taking multiple pills and because it is available in a number of flavors, you can always get your favorite flavor to chew the pills. Each pill supplies only 10 calories and provides most daily basics.

Here comes another best multivitamin for men. One capsule of Every Man’s One Daily supplies your daily recommended dose of vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin A. vitamin C, folate and vitamin B12. The additional supply of folate helps in boosting sperm health, suppressing degenerative brain diseases and preventing cancer.

Most vitamins act as co-factor to boost the function of enzymes and anti-oxidants in the body that prevent the free-radical damage. Make sure to choose a multivitamin supplement that has essential nutrients like vitamins, herbal extracts, minerals and amino-acids. However, you should also know that not all the supplements are for every individual. The best person who can guide you about this is your healthcare provider. It is very important to consume the best multivitamin for men you’ve chosen in the recommended dosage to avoid hypervitaminosis or vitamin toxicities.