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We might see another real estate market crash simply do to wages being stagnant and fewer being able to afford things like homes. youtube gas pedal dance The way they have tried to compensate for this negative trend is by the pace of home and real estate construction not keeping pace with the demand for living space. There are also government incentives and programs which attempt to keep a steady flow of demand for home sales.

Have you seen pics or clips of the recent volcanic eruption in hawaii? I was looking @ real estate prices there wondering if they would drop. I saw ads for lots recently buried under 20 feet of lava in the eruption zone being advertised for like $3k with buyers claiming they bought the lot for $20k around 5-10 years ago. Things can change quick in markets…

I don’t think it’s quite as bad here. quadcopter gas engine I make £700 a month, my girlfriend makes about £1500, and we’re apparently in a position where the first bank we went to would offer us a little over £80,000 for a mortgage. £50,000 around Glasgow will get you a pretty mediocre one bedroom flat, but every now and again you see a nice two bedroom one for the same price. electricity symbols I’m talking around city centre too.

My current place is a two bedroom with a tiny front garden area and a pretty big back garden, although it’s split between 4 houses (although then again, you mentally split it into relevant chunks). Her aunt and uncle expect it’ll be for sale for around £60,000, although they’d be okay with selling it to us for around £45,000 (these are all pre-evaluation estimates).

, I know I’m the same. I’m an unsettled kind of guy so staying somewhere for ages is scary. gastroenteritis That being said, you can always sell a place if you’re not comfortable. It won’t take 35 years to sell the house. gas in back relief Ideally, if I can get a proper job within 12 months (which is apparently pretty viable with just a HND in Software Dev) then we could realistically pay off a £45,000 house im 5-6 years, meaning you’ve got that in your pocket to rent out or sell on and make your next place much cheaper.

Still scary adult shit though. Anyone got any tips on how long you should take your mortgage out for? I’d like to own it quicker, put have been told to take it out longer and make sure there’s an option to overpay each month (with no early fully repaid fee). la gasolina letra This means you can still pay it off quicker, but if shit hits the fan you’re not as stuck.

For the anarchy of creating a side topic, since I won my fight pretty easily I decided I want to take training a little bit more seriously. electricity load shedding I was initially going to start on a keto diet, but since I’m still so vegetable deficient I’m going to kind of start on a carnivore style diet with no carbs and then slowly introduce vegetables into it. Don’t know if it’ll work out but worth a shot if I get some more energy from it and cut down a few pounds. I fought at about 14-15 stone and didn’t go to a tonne of the training sessions / didn’t eat well at all, so realistically I reckon I could get down to about 12 stone for my next fight easily enough (which I’ve never weighed in my adult life).

Gonna get running at least 3 times a week and try to get to at least one training session a month. I haven’t seen my full fight video yet, but from the small ones I saw I’m definitely more composed than 99.9% of the other fighters at these events so I reckon I should chase down competing in martial arts for a little while and see if I can ever get somewhere. e payment electricity bill mp Getting an MMA fight in before I turned 30 was always a goal so doing it at 26 (and probably fighting twice by just after my 27th birthday) I reckon my new goal should be to fight amateur a few times and have at least one pro fight by my 30th.