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Hello friends, Are Your thinking of owning a Bulksms portal or Starting a Bulksms Business but scared to get stucked in a very restricted or will I say rigid reseller system with no consideration for you and a strict design policy that makes each website look almost the same only for the name to be different??.. and being forced to stick to one sms provider who is making you buy sms units at a cut throat price?… This is my story, I have been a victim of this too..! I bought an ebook from Jide Ogunsaya of ogbongeblog.com for N4000 on how to set up a bulksms website, just to discover that led me to having a "rigid" sms reseller store with smslive247.com – you can check it here www.giffysms.com! I had to buy my own domain name, pay them etc.. Men that was the worst business I have ever gotten into! I was stuck with having a ‘green’ website when I was not so much a green fan. I was also stuck with buying sms at a cut throat price the same with normal users even as a reseller, the last stroke came when I discovered that all their resellers had the same website partner! Well as Will Smith will say in ‘Hitch’ -"This is the information I feel Obliged to pass to my fellow Men". The truth of the matter is get a website that you are the boss!, where you can decide to paint blue now and red later…, or decide to use MTN now and Glo later instead of just sticking to just Visafone (no offense pls!) Check out what you will get with this Offer:

This is no gimmick. The e-book is academically and professionally written to be practical. It shows step-by-step instructions of how to implement all the ideas shown so that you don’t make any mistake. The book also allows you to reach the author directly after purchasing it so you can work with him if needed to achieve your goals to financial freedom.

One of the ways of investing in Oil & Gas described in the e-book talks about partnering with an Oil & Gas firm in the USA. Many people still don’t know that they can make serious income monthly from this business as a nation-wide distributor of their product or act as a consultant for them by visiting companies to negotiate contracts on their behalf. The book will show you the 3 different ways you can do this. Many don’t even know that there are bankers, practicing medical doctors, lawyers and many more professionals doing this business quietly and making Millions of Naira from it yearly part-time.

Order a copy send your name and e-mail address to 08121547560 or to pioustrade@gmail.com. You will receive the company account details to pay to. Pay and within 15 minutes of the payment being confirmed via text alert, you should have the e-book in your e-mail. If you have any problem downloading it, contact us.

2. You can also join pill-based Networking Marketing company, such as Greenlife, Fohow Nigeria, where you will earn continual residual income Earn N6,350 on each person you introduce to Greenlife business, with time, you earn N6,350×4, and then N520,000 at a particular stage in the business. Thats just The beginning, so to say. Chech here http://greenlife-products.blogspot.com/, then http://fohownigeria.blogspot.com/

First, buy N25,000.00 worth Quantum body analyzer and take your business to churches, social gathering, meetings and other communal gathering, then make continual income and earn from the commissions that comes from buying the products. You also earn from what people you introduce to the business buys.

Tell people the business and investment aspect of your business. It is simple, you see, the three business that will not fail you is housing, clothing, food. So food supplement is auxiliary to food, as long as people keep consuming dead food, flour and cooked which is our modern trend, they will keep having problem.

Just as you wouldn’t start off on a cross-country drive without a road map, you shouldn’t embark on your new business without a business plan to guide you. A business plan won’t automatically make you a success, but it will help you avoid some common causes of business failure, such as undercapitalization or lack of an adequate

system in place that allows customers to easily get in touch with you. Develop a Web site that offers information on your company and its products and services. Whatever response methods buyers can use to contact you, you should have materials that can be sent via those same mediums.

about you. Whatever you do, don’t just sit back and wait for business to fall into your lap. Despite popular opinion, if you build it, they will not just come! You’ve got to get the word out and keep working your contacts in order to attract customers to your new business.

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