What can i do about my baby’s terrible gas mom answers babycenter gas lighting


My son is also now 6 weeks old and I’m in the exact same boat. My midwife and doctor both say that the gassiness/fussiness period is at it’s worst between 6-8 weeks…so this should pass! I guess around this time their little digestive systems are in final stages of developing. Ironically my son had a gas cry attack while at the doctors office. Our doctor showed us a couple holds that seem to help a bit. Hold your baby with his back against your belly. Then with your free hand, hold on leg up so his knee is against his belly. This helps him push gas out.

Also, I’ve realized that part of my son’s gassiness might be due to hyperlactation. I spray and drip like crazy when the milk lets down. He gags and chokes and then gets fussy, and consequently gassy. I’ve tried expressing a bit of milk when I’m spraying and nursing him from one breast for about 3-4 hours…then switching to the other. This has helped a bit. I’ve noticed a small improvement in the past 2 days.

Also, be sure to hold your baby upright after a feeding. My son burps nonstop after feeding, but then only sometimes wants to return to the breast. He sometimes cries when I try to get him to feed again. I understand your frustration…it’s emotionally draining for mother and baby!

Yet another possibility is constipation. My son feels so much better once he passes a stool. Now he seems to go for about 3 days without passing a stool (I hear this is normal for this age). I know this sounds gross but sticking a clean pinky in his rear could help let a stool loose… or a thermometer.

And finally, tummy massage. I just started this yesterday. I bought some baby belly massage oil at our local health food store (it’s a mixture of cardamom, marjoram, and sweet almond oil). He smiles constantly while I’m massaging him in a spiral motion starting at the belly button and working clockwise. Also he passed a lot of gas while I did this. Give it a shot! It also helps relax them for bedtime.

Gina, are you concerned about the smell, or the pain it causes your Baby? You can’t do much about the first one – healthy bacteria produce smelly gas as they feast on whatever reaches them at the end of Baby’s intestines. As for the pain there’s Mylicon drops. The body does not absorb Mylicon; it goes right through, breaking big gas bubbles into small, less painful ones. The idea that you should not give your baby medication that will help and relieve his or her pain so you can feel like a purist is absurd and primitive. There is absolutely zero harm from Symethicone – the main ingredient in Mylicon, and it CAN help with the gas your Baby is experiencing. And on the matter of switching formulas until you find one that works for your Baby here’s something to consider: there are but a couple of companies that produce formulas, so even if the labels appear different, the content behind it is very much the same. Bottom line is, like everything, this is just a phase. It will pass. As your Baby‘s digestive system matures, develops, and adjusts to new foods in the future, you’ll have other things to worry about. Just check with your Pediatrician instead of asking everybody who feels like giving gratuitous advice (like me) on a chat.