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Agree with not going all dark – Marvel succeeded (IMHO) because they based the movie’s tone upon what worked for each hero/group. So you have Guardians of the Galaxy as a light-hearted space-opera, more serious Cap movies, Ant Man as a heist movie, etc. Not only does it provide different movie styles for different viewer preferences, it breaks the monotony of having all serious or all-dark movies.To add to this, Marvel also has a diverse roster of heroes that can allow for these types of stories to exist in the same universe. If you don’t like the whole Sci-fi setting of Guardians of the Galaxy, you might enjoy the more traditional Fantasy setting offered by Doctor Strange or the Norse Mythogy in Thor. Maybe you want a more typical hero story about finding a balance between normal life and super hero life, like Spiderman offers.

DC on the other hand only has morally upstanding A-list heroes to work with. They really do need to branch out and bring some more of their lesser known heroes into the limelight more. Booster Gold would make for a fun time-travel story, and has a built in character arc that appeals to a mainstream audience. Nightwing too would be a good one for DC to both literally and metaphorically break away from Batmans shadow. Maybe even the likes of Zatana and Hawkgirl could work as movies.

I’m not saying DC should ditch all the things people like about them and go for mainstream appeal, but they should consider looking beyond Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to their heroes who might have more interesting stories than just power fantasies to tell for themselves.

2. Reboot the DCU. Completely scratch everything and try again. They tried to create an Avengers competition and failed miserably with justice league. I believe a try again could bring faith in the audience that they actually give a damn, and would get everyone’s thoughts clear that bvs and justice league ever happened.

What do you think could really help them or even get them back to the status they once had with TDK and TDKR?Snyder’s long since departed tge DCEU. A considerable part of Justice League’s failure was due to the fact that Joss Whedon was brought in to finish the film and he ended up trying to make it more Avengers-like with disastrous results. The end product wildly vacillates between Snyder and Whedon’s clearly opposite visions and exacerbates the cohesion issues already present from Warner Bros Studios rushing DCEU straight out of the gate.

While much of the MCU’s success can be attributed to meticulous world building and solid writing, a lot of luck was involved too. Marvel didn’t really have any other choice but to go all in on the Avengers because their flagship franchises, X-Men and Spider-Man, had already been licensed out to other studios. This situation forced them to flesh out their characters to an unfamiliar audience and ultimately gave the Avengers the flexibility to succeed independently of its individual members. Conversely, DC’s Justice League is anchored by its three flagship characters; Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman and, if one flounders, the collective suffers.

Stop taking themselves so damn serious for a start… Marvel movies are carried a lot by the humor, and by not taking themselves 100% serious all the time. You still can make dark superhero movies, such as the Batman trilogy, but that actually requires a lot more talent. Also, they should think about first making a good movie, and then second make a good superhero movie.That’s something that’s missing from a lot of movies in general, especially many DCU movies: entertainment. MCU attempts this by trying to not shove every nuance and "message" in your face every second, as well as adding humor into the mix. What allows MCU to do this is taking their time building up their story, because most movie goers probably know next to nothing about the characters and stories from the comics.

While I’m not as versed in DC characters in lore, I went into the movies thinking I had a decent enough grounding to handle what they threw at me… and boy was I wrong. For example, when I went to see BvS (already had seen Man of Steel), I was so confused to the point I couldn’t enjoy it. I felt like it was a movie that should’ve happened after 3-4 prequel movies to build up a base, but even then the movie took itself too seriously without having people making a connection to the characters in any meaningful way. If you take out the main characters and replace them with generic heroes/villains, I would’ve felt the same connection because there is no character build up. Again, this isn’t because DC heroes/villains aren’t interesting or aren’t relatable, the movies about them just don’t give them justice (pun intended). It’s about bad movie making, not bad heroes/villains.