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We’re new to farming/ranching. We bought four bred heifers from a neighbor with 600+ head; he keeps them with his herd because we only have seven acres. electricity experiments for preschoolers Three are on their second calf; we sold the first three this summer, but the fourth one had come quite a bit later. We just helped with another round of running cattle through the chute so we learn stuff–if not for that, I would’ve been out riding that day, too!! The one we’re fattening up at our place has a broken leg. arkansas gas association The neighbor said the stockyard won’t give him anything for it, even though it doesn’t affect the meat, so we bought it from him and built a fence on our place to keep him contained. We have laying hens and a mean rooster, too.

It was dry as a bone here this summer which made for a lot of great riding days! But farmers and ranchers were really struggling to grow crops and feed livestock. Another neighbor has a greenhouse; he said his tomato yield was about half of normal. My husband retired from one career and has a new one, but he’s thinking he’d like to come home and be a full-time rancher one of these days if we can buy the land to make it possible. la gasolina reggaeton explosion I’m mostly a full-time homeschool mom and manage the homestead. I also teach motorcycle safety classes in season. So I run as many errands as I can on the NINJA, plus ride him to work most of the time. It’s a treat to just get to go goof off in the twisties by myself or with my friends; even then, I usually end up bringing home a Papa Murphy’s pizza for supper. gas meter reading There’s always something to do around here, but every so often I just have to get away from it and go ride!!

Yesterday I got the coolant and oil changed, rode it to the gas station in 29 degree weather to fill up the tank….and detailed the living **** out of it! Cleaned, clayed, polished and ceramic coated it. electricity merit badge requirements Killer shine…but a ceramic coat shine does have a slightly different look (to me)..more of liquid metal / liquid glass look. Sad to have to put it up on the stands and under the blanket for the long winter.

Looks great!!! I go through all that (but with traditional carnuba wax) a couple times a year on my bike. Bug got the same treatment when he came home, so he’ll get detailed a couple times a year, too. I only did my RAM 2500 once and put it in a local car show (along with my NINJA 1000). After a few times in the cow pasture, I just didn’t have the ambition to put that much work into it anymore. gastroenterology I’m almost out of the clay mist I got from a detailer who had his own line of products. He decided to go out of business, and I missed it because I had moved and don’t do FB. I was NOT happy. gas prices going up or down He was hired to detail priceless cars for an annual Grand Concours there. If his stuff is good enough for those cars, it’s certainly must be the best stuff out there. I need to find someplace that sells comparable stuff.

I’m originally from Des Moines; you CAN ride a motorcycle in the winter there! The thing that kept me parked most often was my unpaved driveway; it took FOREVER to melt off! But we switched to crushed asphalt, so that helped speed up the process. I once rode my NINJA 250R to teach MC class at DMACC in sunny, calm 28-degree temps. No heated gear, stock windshield, and LOTS of layers ( I think I counted at least five on my torso). The fastest I rode was about 50mph and I could really feel that cold air on my chest, in spite of the five layers. gas equations chemistry Funny thing, when I got to work, I had no desire to unbundle AT ALL the whole time I was on the range!