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Don’t laugh, but my first real introduction to Oz was Paul Hogan’s ‘Crocodile Dundee.’ The images in that movie resonated with me as a teen in 1980s Texas. To me, Australia appeared to be hot, arid, and tinged with swagger and lots of cultural traits that a kid from Texas gas emoji could readily identify. Paul Hogan was even wearing a cowboy hat and boots, for crissakes!

I was in the U.S. Air Force when I got my chance. I received word they were looking for a few guys to go to Alice Springs for a few months. I quickly made my way to my squadron headquarters; before I even knew what I’d be doing there. ‘Screw it. I’ll figure it out,’ I thought. “By the way, where’s Alice Springs, exactly?” I said on my way out of the office.

Now, if you are as naive about Australia as I was, you frame Oz with the aforementioned croc-hunters, and a whole slew of silly-looking animals that are either exceptionally cute or exceptionally deadly. If you’re more clued-in, you may even throw in Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue , the Hemsworth brothers, or if you’re old-school like me, the whole 5-feet tall AC/DC clan. Maybe you even picture beautiful Sydney with that iconic opera house too. But again, these were mostly pre-Internet days. It still wasn’t apparent to me where I was actually going.

My heart sank. I raced to the local library after m gasol work to get on the Internet. Yep. Smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. Trying to find a silver lining, I decided to see how I could use my off-duty time in Alice Springs to go sightseeing in Sydney. That would have been nice, until I realized that Alice Springs is a full 1700 mile drive from Sydney, and just about anyplace else. I thought I was going to be snapping pictures of the Sydney Harbour bridge, but I was actually on my way to ‘Walkabout Creek.’ Ugh gas bloating after eating.

I was relieved when I landed in Brisbane. In my naivete,’ I didn’t know much about it. But it was BIG. – A lot bigger than most Americans probably know. However, I was going to be there only a few hours before I left for Alice Springs, so I toured the Airport and bought a few silly, cliche’-driven tourist trinkets for the family; a refrigerator magnet with a kangaroo, and a shark-having-tourists-over-for-lunch t-shirt, etc.

You may laugh, but I couldn’t believe how everybody sounded Australian. It was like I was in a movie! You see, Australia is delphic and Australians are elusive to many Americans to this day, because stars like Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Eric Bana, Iggy gas natural inc Azalia and Keith Urban hide their accents so damn well. Australians in Hollywood are sneaky chameleons…

But alas, I left Brisbane for the netherworld of Alice Springs. Now, you may think I was going to tell you that Alice Springs was a sparrow-fart town in the middle of nowhere compared to Brisbane. And you’d be right. But everything that I dreaded about Alice Springs was everything that I ended up loving about Alice Springs. I got to travel to Ayers Rock, do a couple of horseriding tours, and even found a comfortable seat at the local pub. I learned that kangaroos, endearing to most Americans, can be pests and road hazards. The few crocodiles I saw in the Northern Territory were as small and lethargic as the gators in the Florida Everglades. I never saw one of those legendary funnel web spiders either, though n gas price I persisted in searching my shoes for one every morning, lest I become the ‘Stupid Dead ‘Yank’ who Didn’t Check his Shoes’ in the local newspaper…

As for the local people, there weren’t near as many wearing cowboy hats and boots in the Northern Territory as I believed there would be. But everyone was really cool. There is a rugged, independence about the people of ‘Alice’ that I really enjoyed. Even if you live in a city in the Outback, you have to be a bit of an outdoorsman on the side. The people there seemed blissfully ignorant of life along the coast, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Had a few mates at a local pub that liked to talk American politics, but they soon bored with that. I didn’t defend well because electricity quiz and answers I had no interest in it. They also picked at me a bit too, but I had learned long ago to avoid negative reactions to that stuff. That gets you respect, and they soon embraced me (not literally). The conversation soon became like any local watering hole I knew electricity sound effect in Texas. -Sports, women and favorite beers. They got a good laugh at the ‘Fosters is Australian for beer’ tag line that was popular in the U.S. commercials. Seems that any self-respecting person in Oz didn’t agree.

I saw 56 countries and lived in seven of them in my Air Force career, not including the 4 months I spent in Oz. But there was only one country to which I ever seriously contemplated immigrating during my time abroad. -Australia. About a year after I left, I found out about a program to get people to immigrate there, but in the end, I decided to stay in the States to be nearer my family. It was a promise I had made to my mother throughout my 23 years in the U.S. military.