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…Not a football fan. Don’t pay any attention about the domestic leagues or international matches even WC. See no reason to be overly happy if any country win or loose (At least for me — Winning once or twice is not permanent and losing is not forever. What’s the big deal?) And I don’t view Vietnamese as rival at all. But personally I feel uneasy to be friend with them. Don’t get me wrong gas number. They are good. I don’t hate them. I just feel awkward to be friend with them.

Now to answer the question from my personal experience: Nothing sir. As a Thai, for me friendship is something I value a lot. If I choose to be friend with somebody, that means I won’t leave them no matter what till the last day of us, or if they hit the bucket before me, it’s my commitment to take care of his/her family as good as I can electricity vs gas heating costs, so if I choose to be friend with anybody, that means I have to think and watch him/her thoroughly before I decide to do that. However I don’t like rude people or any people who love to compare himself/herself to others. It might not be just the case for Vietnamese, but it’s my criteria for people from anywhere of the world.

No offense, but for Vietnamese we always see that you are not fond of us. Say, for example. see the link below. Read the comments on the link and you’ll see that all of you Vietnamese guys would say that Ladyboys etc. They don’t even know any person in the link, but they judged. If you don’t know anything about someone, giving them respect is the first thing you should do, right? It’s basic manner worldwide.

Also if you can read Vietnamese, just search any videos about Thailand gas x side effects liver, from tourist vlog to any topics even domestic pets like cats and dogs, 80-90 percent of the videos would have at least one comment regarding LGBTQ. These people are different from most of us in their gender preference, and it might be against some cultures, but here we accept them as human, not sub-human, and we proud that they can live happily here. They are one of us. Not to talk that a gas station near me if anybody would be LGBTQ, it’s their choice of life, not yours. I’m straight, but I do have many of them as friends. They proved that they are good fellows for me over decades. May I ask —If you were me, would you trust people whom you just met or would you trust people who proved their worth with you for years? People who discriminate others just because of their gender preference is not open minded in my view. What if I have something different from them? Would they accept that differences? I don’t think so. Friends are like clothes was electricity invented during the industrial revolution. We can choose what to dress, and personally I won’t choose the one which not suit me to wear.

Or what Mr. My Duc Trieu said below. Even somebody warned him he went too far he still said bad words regarding the TH manager. Her fault? Being Thai and being woman. That’s all. I know it’s troll but consider for yourself if it’s too far. Not to say that it’s sexism (along with gas monkey monster truck body LGBTQ discrimination), which is something mostly unacceptable and considered rude in many societies not just Thailand. Even when warned, he still said bad thing.—that means he would not listen to anybody at all —. and see how he got upvotes from others? There are tons of Vietnamese people like them. You can easily see on the net. Even in Quora, when somebody said Thai language is awful, some third party country members even said that the question must be from Vietnam (see Why does Thai language sound so awful? and read the comments)

More example: The football electricity transmission vs distribution film by Vietnamese. We have a lot of matches among regions, yet Vietnam is the only country that made the film, and you painted Thailand in such evil way. These shows lots of attachment and hateful some Thai even said Let them win whatever they want. May be they satisfied and stop bothering with us Or the time the your singer stated that he would shave his head if Vietnam team lost to Thailand years ago. Again that shows deep hatred he and the Vietnamese has against us. Saw a lot of his fan hailed and praised him but all educated Thai agreed if he was Thai, he would be condemned. Why? Because he might be fan or patriots or whatever, but his act was unwise and gas in michigan create nothing but conflict. Stupid way to promote himself. Not to talk that his job is a musician. Music is his first priority yet he tried to promote himself with nothing related to his career. If he write a song for Vietnamese team, that’s great, instead he chose to shave his head. Suppose an athlete, says, Roger Federer or Lebron James announces that he would shave his head if his favorite movie could not win Oscar or his best-loved song could not win Grammy, do you think it’s a clever deed? Totally immature and unprofessional, yet his fan cheered for him. Nobody said anything against it. This is another proof that we view the world in very different ways.

Lately is the case of Triston Do. For those who don’t know him, he’s a Thai soccer player. His grandfather is Vietnamese immigrant who moved to Thailand almost centuries ago, married a Thai, so his grandmother is Thai. His father electricity dance moms choreography is also Thai citizen, married a French and moved to France. Mr. Do had the right to play for both Vietnam and Thailand, and he chose Thailand, After his decision he’s always be targeted by Vietnamese for years stated that his grandfather, his father and him are all traitors electricity for beginners with many rude words until he said what he feel. The conflict also created by Vietnamese medias. See for example.

Mr. Tiger Woods also has Thai blood, yet he cannot speak Thai. Whenever asked he always said he knows nothing about Thailand, which is right. No reason to get angry. Only small minds which need attention and with deep inferiority complex would be agitated by his true words. And he chose to play for America. What different is that no Thai whined or bullied him that electricity song 2015 he and his mom are traitors or he should play for Thailand even during his high of career, or cried that he insulted us by saying that he knows nothing about the country. It’s not that important. Also it will be considered to be rude and small minded to do that. We believe that people have the right to choose what they want to do, but it seems that Vietnamese view the world in totally opposite way. That’s why we are too different.

I choose quality over quantity for friendship. Otherwise, let us be just acquaintance. Just contact each other on business basis. If you come to our country, I would treat you as best as I can, but that means you are a guest, not friends. Other than that, you don’t need to help if anything happen to me, at the same time I don’t have to help if anything happen to you. That would be fine with both of us.

PS. Just a few hours ago I stumbled upon your e-news and replied it, but they deleted my comment. So I would put it here since it’s another aspect we view you that you are easily diverted by your medias. Many times we’ve seen you electricity and magnetism review game Vietnamese believe without recheck in whatever they say although those info/news are not true. This goes along with the electricity transformer near house football movie I stated. Your medias try to paint us as bad guys and as your rivals/nemeses/hostilities/threats/etc, and it always works with you anytime. Why they have to do that? Since it’s my rule not to say anything which has nothing to do with my matters, so please figure it out for yourselves.

Also more interesting that there are some of your men who can read Thai as I can read Vietnamese since I’ve seen lots of your news which refer to sources in our language, but no news from Thai social medias which support Vietnamese at all. Even encouraging comments for Vietnam team in English by Thai in international web communities are not picked by your editors.

Really no offense but this 1 unit electricity cost in india shows the quality of your news. No wonder why the conflict between people of 2 countries is getting stronger and stronger. I’m curious if your school didn’t taught about responsibility for the societies, not just your country but for others as well, and to put your bias aside, because when I enrolled in a newspaper class decades ago, it’s the first thing my teacher mentioned. No wonder why Thai said Vietnamese are too easily diverted by their medias.