What happens to us, after teotwawki electricity lessons for 5th grade


Now I have read articles and talked to people who believe that after a few years we would be back to using bow and arrows and living in small tribal groups. I feel that this is incorrect, having been a student of history I want to put into context, what a 90 % die off would mean. That would leave us with a population slightly larger than at the time of the civil war, around 33 million.

A good example of what a group of determined people working together occurred in the Philippines during WW2. gas x dosage for dogs A resistance group was formed around a US reserve Office a Colonel Wendell Fertig,. They were cut off and had no supplies. So they used what was available. For example, tuba or palm wine was brewed from coconut palms to provide alcohol to fuel gasoline vehicles, soda bottles and fence wire were used to create a telegraph to enhance communications, curtain rods were cut into pieces and shaped to provide ammunition for .30 caliber rifles, steel was shaved from automobile springs and curled to make recoiling springs for rifles, money was printed in both English and the local language using wooden blocks, and fisherman towed Japanese mines ashore to secure the explosive amatol so it could be used to make gunpowder. Soap was made from coconut oil and wood ashes. Then the soap was traded for sugar which was then used to make alcohol for fuel.

Often, seemingly impossible problems were overcome simply through perseverance. 3 gases in the air For example, Gerardo Almendres, a Filipino high school student had sent away for an International Correspondence Schools course on radios shortly before the war started. electricity sources in us Fertig assigned him the task of building a radio even though Almendres had never handled one. Almendres was assisted by a Filipino traveling salesman who had sold radios and by another Filipino who once had listened to a radio. Radio parts (vacuum tubes and other electrical parts) were scrounged from old radio receivers and sound equipment from an old movie projector and other electrical devices. Their makeshift radio eventually worked and they began to receive transmissions from other radios, including those of Roy Bell on Negros, who traveled to Fertig’s camp and devised a new aerial. However, they had no way of knowing if their own transmissions were successful until, on 31 January 1943, the U.S. Navy radio monitoring station in San Francisco answered their call sign.

Now many of you would be amongst the survivors. You have knowledge and creativity. 9gag instagram videos Plan to reestablish the country, using a government based on the constitution. Make sure you have copies of the constitution in your preps, learn about it. Plan to work together and organize your local communities, start trade and communicate with others. electricity grid map uk Start thinking now about how to reestablish the country.

Your theory only works in an 1865 environ. Once the emp or cybergeddon takes place we will be invaded and subjugated. Our military will be cut off overseas with no way home, so they won’t be of much help when they themselves are just trying to stay alive. gas 4 less manhattan ks Plus, people of circa 1865 had the manual labor know how to get the job done without electricity and the niceties we have today. There will be a few people, but not many, that will put forth the sweat equity to stay alive. I am convinced that of the 90% die off, 89.9% will go into shock and do nothing to help themselves. Another situation that people don’t give thought too is the fact that horses, mules, and the equipment they pulled were part of the everyday landscape in those earlier times. Today, without modern working machinery, the average American will throw up their hands, surrender, and prefer death over the discomfort and strain of doing the tasks you listed. Another fact is that the Colonel had access to nonAmerican labor that was used to back breaking, bone crushing work. frictional electricity examples Conversely, General Wainwright didn’t and he surrendered 70,000 allied soldiers to the horrors of the Bataan death march and the rest is history. Just say’n…thanks for the article.

All of these speculations that we see over and over again from people sitting in their living room and fantasizing about the end of the world, completely ignore all the examples of social collapse that we have from world history. The reality is that people are resilient, they are creative, and when they have to, they take care of business.

Notions that an event will occur that will permanently put an end to civilization are ridiculous. Even if an imaginary EMP took out all electronic devices (all data points to the contrary), it will be a short period of time before people find ways to hack the system and start rebuilding. gas explosion Estimates of 90% mortality rate are a joke, and completely unsupported by the evidence that we have from other instances of social collapse, political collapse, and war. Even during WWII, in the most effected parts of the world, where lack of electricity, lack of fuel, lack of food, and lack of water were made worse by carpet bombing and genocide, mortality rates were nothing even close to these estimates.