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When Rutgers and Maryland joined the Big Ten Conference gas oil ratio in mid-2014, Conference Commissioner The Delaneybot9000 rolled out a wild, rotating 9-dual wrestling schedule that assured that Iowa, one of the conference’s premier wrestling programs, would skip wrestling two of the other premier programs, Penn State and Ohio State, every third year.

Cenzo is the established stud, a two-time NCAA defending champion, while Marinelli is the brash young buck who seems to have leveled up this season and who has been mowing through the competition (well, mostly). Marinelli also has a win over Cenzo in their one and only career meeting so far, a thrilling 9-6 upset in the Iowa-Penn State dual this year. We sadly never got a rematch in the Big Ten or NCAA Tournament last year; hopefully that same fate doesn’t befall us this year, too.

The big question I have for this match is: can Marinelli get to Cenzo’s legs and finish electricity worksheets grade 6? He scored off an inside trip last year, but I don’t know if that will be a sustainable source of offense for him versus Cenzo; he’s going to need to be able to get to the legs and finish if he really wants to repeat his success. I think the match will be tight, but ultimately I can’t pick against Marinelli, not with the way he’s been wrestling this year. He looks like a man on a mission and I think he’s able to grind out a close electricity usage calculator win over Cenzo.

Jp: Last Year Cenzo against This Year Marinelli, I’d go with the Bull (acknowledging the obvious that Last Year Marinelli did already do that). But, man, both guys have gotten soo much better this year, haven’t they? Cenzo was strongly tested by both Isaiah White Logan Massa, but stayed solid and patient and never really looked in danger, despite tight final scores. And Marinelli’s win over Evan Wick was a masterpiece. Maybe that’s where Lugo got his patience from?

The positive for Iowa here is that Mark Hall hasn’t been the bonus point maven that Jason Nolf and Bo Nickal are; he has bonus in just 52% of his 23 wins this year. That said, he can turn it on at times and Bowman has a bad habit of exposing his back at times, which can be fatal against high level opponents. I think Hall gets back points, but Bowman is able to limit the damage to a major decision loss here.

Jp: This is the kind of matchup Hall turns up the heat on. His top riding has been pretty unbelievable to watch–like I can’t believe he’s been able to keep studs like Bo Jordan Zahid down for full periods. But I’d guess against Bowman, he’d pretty gas hydrates are used quickly abandon turn attempts and go takedowns releases until he finds a cement mixer or standing cradle for the fall.

RB: When last these two met, they were both a little heavier — and la gastronomia the match was very lopsided. Rasheed rolled through Wilcke with an 11-2 major decision at the dual last year, when both guys were competing at 197. They’re down at 184 and, frankly, they both look a lot like they did at 184. One small advantage for Wilcke? Rasheed has missed several duals in 2019 due to injury, so he may not be at 100% sharpness (or fitness) in this bout. I think Wilcke gives up a few early takedowns and is unable to mount an effective comeback. If he can avoid Rasheed’s cradle, though, I think he can avoid conceding bonus points.

Jp: Yeah, Rasheed’s had a rough season, which sucks, because of all the weights he’s tried to represent Penn State at, 184 does seem to be the best fit for his body. He was healthy at the Scuffle electricity and magnetism notes, but the field was pretty tame. He decked 4-seed Colbray in the semis, but Va Tech’s redshirting Hunter Bolen wrecked the bottom half of the bracket and kept both Louis Deprez and Jacobe Smith from giving Rasheed some nice new measuring sticks. He went on to defeat Bolen, 4-1 in a pretty ho-hum affair, for his second Scuffle title.

RB: Bo Nickal has been an absolute terror in his career against Iowa. He’s 3-0 lifetime against Hawkeye opponents and he’s still yet to wrestle a full three minutes TOTAL against Iowa online electricity bill payment, scoring three first period pins in a minute or less. So if Jacob Warner can make it past 90 seconds against Bo, he’ll have set a new high water mark for Iowa wrestlers against Nickal.

Jp: There are a few examples out there for how not to get pinned by Nickal, but I’m not sure they’re “blueprint” level. Wrobleski (Ill) Jakobsen (Lehigh) fought it off, but gave up the Tech Fall. Drexel, Bucknell, Breske (Wiscy) and Brunner (Pur) managed Majors, and only Nebby’s Eric Schultz has held him to a Decision, even adding a late takedown.

RB: It would have been grand to see what a healthy Sam Stoll could have done for his senior season. He looked really solid last year, especially in the NCAA Tournament, and I think he was primed to have a very strong season. Probably not the flashiest season in terms of style, but still. Alas, he’s clearly been hampered all year by an offseason knee injury and he doesn’t look all that close to the wrestler who was an All-American last year.

Antnee’s done his own bit of supplanting, inside his own wrestling room, by bumping up from 197 and putting an early end to the career of Nick Nevills, a 2x All-American. He’s really relished the whole weight-room mentality, including applying the “pick heavy electricity prices over time things up and put them down” mentality on the mats, against the remaining giants of the weight class. I don’t have updated TD data, but I think if it weren’t for Nolf, Cassar might be leading the team. He scored 4+ takedowns on each of Mason Parris, Conan Jennings, Trent Hilger, David Jensen and Jordan Wood, so I think there’s enough precedence there for me to predict a major over Stoll.

RB: The sobering thing when looking at those predictions is that that’s very close to a best case scenario for Iowa. Berge and (certainly) Joseph could easily win their close matches at 149 and 165 and it would hardly be a surprise of Nolf, Hall, Rasheed, or Nickal la gas prices map were able to rack up more bonus points than what I’ve allotted for them here.