What if the ss carried out several oradour type massacres in france in 1944 alternate history discussion 9gag memes


The Germans accused the menfolk of storing arms and ammunition in the village. The men were then taken away in groups of between 30 and 70, and shoved into the six largest buildings gas x while pregnant in the village, including barns, garages, blacksmiths, etc. Of the 190 men thus incarcerated, only six got out alive. All the others were machine-gunned and then the buildings were set on fire. The women and children were locked up in the church. Two German soldiers carried electricity song billy elliot in a box of gas grenades and then ran out.

The grenades exploded, and the smoke enveloped the entire church. During the ensuing mayhem, German soldiers burst in through the doors again and sprayed machine-gun fire into the crowds of people. When all appeared to be dead, they set fire to the church electricity inside human body. The entire village was then burned, until very little remained except the gas nozzle stuck in car charred ruins which stand there today.

The massacre was carried out by a detachment of the third company of the 1st Battalion of the No. 4 Panzergrenadier Regiment (“Der Führer”) of the Das Reich Division of the Waffen-SS. Most of the detachment which sacked Oradour were themselves Frenchmen, from Alsace and Lorraine. When Rommel was told of the Oradour massacre he said that the Division should be punished, and offered to preside over a court-martial.

Click to expand…The SS Der Führer Regiment commander Adolf Diekmann 9gag ordered 642 French civilians gassed, shot and burned in the worst massacre in Western Europe during the war. It was actually Rommel’s area of operations that it happened and he was not only horrified he feared a wider plan by the SS to mass murder the French hp gas online payment. According to some sources he threatened to resign if further attacks happened and demanded to lead to the court martial of Adolf Diekmann and that the Regiment should be punished which certainly caused conflict between the Army and the SS.

Three days later Diekmann resolved the conflict by taking off his helmet and leading his men into a suicidal attack on a fortified allied electrical supply company near me position with predictable results. Rommel using the radio and press managed to convince enough French people it was an isolated incident that has been dealt with and would not be repeated to quelch talk of an uprising.

Lets say you have a military commander in France in late 1943 and 1944 who openly turns a blind electricity experiments elementary school eye to the SS’s actions. In the gas pain in chest meantime the SS carry out a number of Oradour type massacres in France and the French revolt like the Poles do in 1944. How might it alter Allied war planning if such a revolt happened either before or during the attack on Normandy? Would Hitler’s orders to burn Paris and other important French cities to the ground as they leave have been followed by German generals angry at the French? What would be the long term effects on Franco-German electricity problem in up relations during the Cold War to today?

Rommel was one of the 12 recipients of Hitler’s infamous, illegal Commando Order issued on 18th October 1942. This order to senior commanders ordered the immediate execution of all Allied Commando troops irrespective of circumstances of combat or capture. On receipt of the order Rommel called his Staff Officers together and invited them gas 87 89 91 to each individually read the order. He then took it and instructed them that under no circumstances was this order ever to be put into effect by men under his command, he then burnt the order in front of them commenting as he did so – And thus, in such a fashion is infamy dealt with.

Word would get tropico 5 power plant back the Allies their POWs are being executed who in response would start shooting German POWs. Then German troops in response would start electricity voltage used in usa executing all Allied POWs in Africa. So, much of what you think of today as the norm for what happened in the East, West and Africa was a product of the actions of the generals willness to kill civilians, turn a blind eye to it or to follow orders to kill POWs.