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A Factura is a legal receipt given for goods and services in Mexico that can be used for business expenses or for deductions in Mexico businesses. The receipts you receive from most vendors are not facturas but “Nota De Remission” (a simple receipt). You must generally ask for and electricity nightcore lyrics or go to a special office, window (caja) or cashier to receive the official receipt known as a Factura. You will have to provide your company’s address, legal corporation name and tax identification number which is called an R.F.C. or Registro Federal de Contribuyente.

To obtain an RFC number you must apply wherever you will be doing business at the local Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito electricity prices by state Publico (SCHP). “Hacienda” as it is more commonly referred is there a gas station near me to here in Mexico is the equivalent to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Whether you are doing business as a corporation or a sole proprietorship (use of personal RFC) you must have an R.F.C. number as well as you must obtain a personal one for filing your personal income tax here in Mexico if you must do so.

The sales tax (IVA) has been 11% on all goods and services in Baja California and Baja California Sur but was 16% for all the rest of Mexico at this electricity sources in canada time. Effective January 1, 2014, IVA in both Baja states will rise to 16% to be on par. Baja has lost one of the last remaining remnants of the days when it was just a territory of Mexico. Business owners must convert to electronic filing or reprint their facturas as of January 1 to be in compliance.

What is so important about the factura is that these are the only receipts accepted for your business lafayette la gas prices expenses. In other words, if you don’t have a factura for it then it does not go on the books. For example, when you buy gas and want to deduct it as a business expense you had better obtain a Factura gas in back and not just a sales receipt or nota de venta as it is called.

While most tourist, retirees and even a lot of the Mexicans are not interested in obtaining a factura as they have no need or desire to deduct these expenses, you must still write or print out a factura if it is going c gastronomie limonest to be accounted for. One trick you will see a lot in Mexico is the “we won’t charge you sales tax if you don’t want a factura”. This “discount” is not exactly something Hacienda will look kindly upon if it finds out about it. This is the way people do business under the table in cash but of course, the law states that the 11% is to be charged on all goods and services.

You must be careful when gas city indiana restaurants getting a quote on goods or services because many times the IVA has not been included in your total and when you ask for a factura the business will then say you must pay an additional 11% to obtain a factura. This, of course, was never to be an option according to Hacienda. The way to avoid any hassles is to be sure to tell the business that you do want a factura for your electricity news in nigeria business expense and the bid will include all taxes and no surprises.

Also as stated above the sale tax (I.V.A.) must be collected and included on every factura and you must then pay that 11% to the government every month i electricity bill com. So don’t forget that on every sale or service you bill for, you will be liable to pay Hacienda for the I.V.A you have collected. Also, if you are importing goods then you must pay 11% IVA (Baja) on the wholesale value at the time of importation. Then when you sell the item you owe the remaining difference between the 11% of wholesale that you gas and supply acworth ga already paid and the 11% of retail that you have now received. All this means, is that you are pre-paying part of the sales tax at the time of importation.