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Every country has its own standards and testing agency to test fuel economy. In America, the gas station jokes United States Environment Protection Agency (US-EPA) certifies this by conducting tests which measure the total volume of carbon captured from the vehicle’s exhaust. All vehicle manufacturers are required by law to display the electricity lessons for 5th grade fuel economy ratings on the cars sold in the USA. In the US, fuel economy is measured in ‘Miles per Gallon’ or mpg. US-EPA fuel economy label for a car (Image courtesy: US-EPA)

In India, Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) conducts fuel economy tests based on Indian Driving Cycle gas out game rules (IDC). Indian Driving Cycle (IDC) is a laboratory test conducted on a rolling road which electricity jewels simulates a typical Indian driving environment over 10 kilometers. However, in the real world driving conditions, you can expect to get -10% to -20% (less) of the ARAI certified values as claimed by manufacturers. How to calculate your car’s mileage/fuel economy? Full-Tank Method:

In both cases, you must fill the tank to the gas yourself fullest and set the trip-meter to ‘0’. Then after traveling at-least 100 kilometers, again refill the tank to determine the fuel average e electricity bill correctly. Here, you will have to also make sure that the tank is full when refilled. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times to get the mean/average result. However, this method can be erroneous as one cannot correctly determine whether that bp gas station tank is really full or not. As a result, this method can give an error in the calculation of upto +/- 1 to 3%. How to calculate your bike’s average/fuel economy? Reserve Method:

Most Indian bikes have a ‘reserve’ tap which electricity for dummies pdf uses reserve fuel when the bike’s fuel tank runs out of its main storage. When you get to reserve and turn the tap to the reserve position, just note mp electricity bill pay indore the odometer reading (Say 15,000 km). Then, fill the tank with say 3 liters of fuel. Now, ride the bike until it again reaches the reserve point. As soon as it comes to the reserve, note down the odometer reading again (Say 15,200 km). Now subtract the earlier odometer reading from the new one. Assuming that your bike traveled, say, 200 kilometers after it reached the reserve gas national average 2013 position, then its fuel economy is = Kilometres covered / Number of liters of fuel consumed which is

Fill the bottle with 1-liter gas news uk petrol and attach the tube end to the carburetor inlet of bike or car. Set the trip-meter to ‘0’. Then, run the car or bike till the fuel in the bottle runs out or finishes. Note the reading on the trip-meter. The number of kilometers you traveled indicates your car or bike’s actual electricity wikipedia simple english average or the fuel economy. This is most reliable of the three methods as there is no chance of error if any when was gas 99 cents in california. Factors that badly affect fuel economy are:

• Drive steadily at the speed of 60 to 70 Km/h in the top gear to get the best fuel economy/mileage save electricity pictures/average from your vehicle. (This translates to approx. 1400-2000 rpm for diesel engines and 1200-1800 rpm for petrol engines on a level road.) Any speed above or below this will not deliver the desired results. You must anticipate the traffic and use gears, instead of brakes, to slow down by taking the foot off the accelerator (coasting). Avoid both rapid braking and/or rapid acceleration gas monkey monster truck at all costs.