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Goa! Just the thought of this place inspirits so much energy, doesn’t it? Though being the smallest state in the realms of Western India, Goa is one of the tourist destinations in India for anyone who either yearns to skip their grey monotonous 9-5 schedule or craves to jazz up on its gorgeous beaches to revive their soul inside out. Goa is an infinite sphere of beaches full of lively parties, romantic resorts, wacky water sports, sunbathing recliners, and a lot more. In fact, it won’t be incorrect to call the beaches the lifeline of Goa tourism, as they add to the surreal beauty of this popular tourist place in India. India’s ‘sunshine state’ has long provided a haven for those in search of the sun, sand and sea. Boasting 105km of stunning coastline and an endless list of idyllic beach settings, there’s no surprise so many people flock to Goa for their beach holidays. The laid-back and picturesque state is all about relaxation, and in fact, the only stress you’re likely to encounter is in choosing which beach to visit during your holiday in Goa.If you’re planning a holiday in Goa anytime soon, then you must read this blog here, as we will be discussing the best 5 beaches to visit on your vacation to this paradisiacal destination.

If you get a chance to gaze at the magnetic combination of sand and the blue sea, would you miss it? Of course not! Walk around this popular North Goa beach and leave footprints here with your loved ones or build castles with your kids as Calangute beach is one of the top beaches for family vacation. Enjoy the sunset here in the specially curated sun lounges and shacks and sip on the very famous Feni or try Goan curry and rice. Family vacation means kids being fussy about food and it’s made easier with the shacks around the corner serving almost everything, wooh what a relief! Calangute beach is also widely visited for their watersports like kayaking, sailing, wind surfing, water snorkelling and parasailing, it won’t hurt to be a kid again, so go AHEAD!

While these beaches may not be considered the most spectacular and expansive stretches of sand in Goa, there is a beauty and charm to these cosy little coastal spots. Small curves of sand are backed by steep cliffs and verdant pines, while the sunsets enjoyed here are among some of the finest in Goa.

The most famous beach of Goa and definitely worth a visit, this beach has been known as Goa’s hippie-capital for years, as it was frequented by a big international hippie scene back in the 60ies. The fun hasn’t stopped with the age though, and Anjuna beach is now famous for its fabulous fool moon parties. But that is not all, Anjuna beach is also riddled with beautiful, ancient mansions such as the Albuquerque Mansion, the Mascarenhas Mansion, and the Chapora Fort all worth a visit. Last but not least, Anjuna has its famous wednesday flea-market.

Move down from Anjuna for the more quiet Baga beach. This beach is perfect for easy days of strolling and easily and lazily enjoying the view, and it is a big hit with the fishers under us. The spot where Baga river hits the sea at the far right bank is a beautiful little place, littered with grand, dark black rocks which contrast the wild, white waves that crash into them.

Even more down lies Calangute beach, the largest beach in North Goa. This very popular and frequented beach can be quite busy, but not without reason. It is one of the most beautiful places in Goa, with its shading palm tress, abundance of coconuts and lovely stalls selling anything from wonderful, fresh seafood to nice, cold, refreshing beers.

More south still, lies Candolim Beach. This beach looks more like the postcard version you would have had in mind than any of the other beaches, with its lovely beach huts, dotted with beach umbrellas and wonderful little stalls selling lovely sustenance. Candolim beach is nice and tranquill, not having been truly discovered by the larger tourist groups.

Moving back up, to the north of Anjuna beach, you will find Vagator Beach. This smaller, quiet white sandy beach, lying in the shadow of the magnificant Chapora Ford, is a sight to behold. Once you’ve taken it in though, why not move off the beaten track a little and make your way south to Azran Vagator beach. This secluded paradise will take you by surprise, having been quite difficult to reach compared to the more tourist and well-known beaches.

There are many other popular beaches in Goa apart from the given above where you can opt to visit during a holiday tour in India. The more you will travel in Goa, the more you will love to stay there. The charismatic Goan beach holidays spell eternal fun always and leave the best memories for a lifetime experience.

Having decided that you are indeed heading to Goa, the next dilemma that poses itself is whether you should consider the beaches of South or North Goa. South Goan beaches are clean, the hotels there are luxury, upmarket ones, while North Goan beaches are more touristy. Having said that, you should indeed consider the list of famous beaches before you take a call on which of the luxury beach resorts in Goa you want to stay in:

• A beach that you must not miss out on in South Goa is Varca beach, another oasis of calm and quiet. You can enjoy some water sports or just lounge at the beach. The beach is ideal also because it is close to one of the 5 star resorts in Goa. If you want a luxury holiday, then Varca is where you need to be. Varca is one of the cleanest and most well-maintained beaches in all of Goa.

• Moving on to North Goa, one of the most famous beaches here is Calangute, known for its restaurants, water sports and shopping opportunities. The beach is one of the famous ones, and therefore, is very crowded with tourists and shacks alike.

• Anjuna is also another well-known beach, and it is where the cool parties are known to happen. It still holds sway among trance lovers, and has quite a bohemian feel to it. It also has a nice flea market where you can pick up knick-knacks that Goa is famous for.