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If a gas-powered saw sounds too cumbersome or like too much work for what you need, don’t worry. An electrical tool may prove to be the best chainsaw for you. These tools are perfect for doing basic yard work. Because they are lighter than other kinds, this type can be the best chainsaw for home use.

If you have some small branches you need to cut through or some trimming to do, an electric chainsaw will allow you to get the job done easier and more safely than its gas-powered counterparts. Electric versions have less power, which can mean less kickback, which is the primary cause of injury.

Electric chainsaws are also easier to start. You can get going with just the push of a button instead of yanking on a cord and hoping for the best. As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to choose an electric chainsaw. However, there are some downsides to consider.

First, an electric saw will not have the same power as a gas one. If you need a powerful tool for big jobs, an electric chainsaw isn’t the right choice. The second major drawback to these saws is the cord. You must have it plugged into a generator or other power source the whole time you work.

As you can see, power and its source matter when it comes to deciding what is the best chainsaw. However, it’s not just about torque. The weight of the machine and the length of the guide bar are both important considerations as well. These three elements intertwine to create varying tools.

When deciding how much power you need from your chainsaw, consider what you will use it for. If you’re chopping tough or thick wood, you may need something with serious torque. However, if you only mean to use it to trim some smaller branches or trim back bushes, such power may be unnecessary.

To choose the optimal weight of your new machine, consider what you feel comfortable carrying around for the duration of the job. For example, if you have a bad back or hurt shoulders, you will want to choose something lighter. However, regular weightlifters may be able to handle heavier chainsaws.

Even a 12-pound saw can be incredibly difficult for someone who isn’t in tip-top shape to use. While it may not seem heavy at first, your arms can get tired during your project. Tired arms are a grave danger that can cause you to lose control of the saw.

The next consideration is the length of the guide bar. This measurement starts at the tip of the chain and stops where the chain goes back into the housing. If you prefer to cut through the wood in just one pass, choose a chainsaw with a guide bar that is about two inches longer than the wood you want to cut.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that shorter guide bars cannot do big jobs. With two passes, a chainsaw can occasionally cut through something twice its bar length, but you shouldn’t use it this way regularly. It’s important to consider what you will use the chainsaw for to decide the right length.

If you intend to use your new saw for pruning around the home, choose a guide bar length of 12 inches or smaller. If you want to fell a small tree or do some light limbing, 12 inches to 14 inches will do the trick. For trimming jobs, the guide bar should be no longer than 16 inches.

If you’re just going to do some light firewood cutting, 14 inches to 16 inches will be okay. However, if you’ll be doing more heavy wood work, consider something from 16 to 18 inches. Felling a medium tree requires a guide bar between 16 and 18 inches long. Finally, for bucking use something 18 inches or more.

To understand the safety risk of any chainsaw, you must comprehend these three elements and the way they interact. Kickback is the primary safety concern when it comes to chainsaws. The longer the guide bar is, the more likely kickback will be.

Likewise, the more powerful the chainsaw is, the more powerful the kickback will feel. Finally, the heavier the chainsaw, the more difficult it will be to control if kickback occurs. So, a heavy, powerful, and long chainsaw is the most dangerous. No matter the type of saw, you should always handle it with care.

If you already own a battery powered tool, it’s worth looking into the product line-up of this brand first. Some brands allow you to buy tools without the batteries. You may be able to use the battery of the tool you already own. This save you lots of money, as the battery is often the most expensive part of the machine’s value. Make sure your battery will fit though. It needs to be the same voltage and physical fitting.

Savvy consumers want to buy the best chainsaw for the money. No doubt the upfront cost is a major part of this decision. However, there are more hidden fees that you should consider before making your purchase. Be sure to evaluate all of the costs below first.

First, consider the brand’s reputation. If the brand in question is known for making long-lasting machines, you will likely get more bang for your buck. On the other hand, if reviewers say that the brand often meets an early end, it may not be worth a cheap price tag. The best chainsaw brands have glowing reviews.

Together with the brand’s reputation is its warranty. The longer the warranty, the more likely your new purchase will last for years to come. A good warranty also shows that the brand stands by their product. It’s important to consider this when finding the best chainsaw for the money.

You may also think about the availability of the parts for your new chainsaw. Even the best tools in the world can break down from time to time. When that happens, you may want to find replacement parts rather than make a whole new purchase.

However, if the chain and other parts for your saw are rare, this could prove to be difficult. Consider getting a chainsaw from a brand that has replacement parts readily available when you need them. This way, you don’t get stranded in the middle of a job waiting for parts to come in.

Finally, think about what you will do if you need to get your new machine serviced. Will average repair shops take it or will you have to shell out for a specialty repairperson? There are many considerations to keep in mind when you think about cost.