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My parents are salaried people and they get paid after deducting tax (TDS), so they have always had taxable income to splurge through out their life. After demonetisation, they suddenly felt really good as they could buy things as usual and not worry about any loopholes or infringements. In fact, we always go to fancy restaurants on fortnightly basis for family dinner and we have seen a drop in footfalls at expensive places because people who could back then use their black money on almost anything, doesn’t have that stack available to spend so easily, So for salaried people this is definitely an upgrade in their standard of living and purchasing power of their WHITE INCOME.

My uncle who happens to be CA has many clients and he did share some stories about his clients that how sleepless few people had who always had black money which was bread and butter for them. We don’t know the real impact demonetisation had on people who always lived a luxury life without a worry. I know few people will argue that they did settle their money in different ways, but trust me it is not the same life they are living now, and especially they always have something to worry about nowadays.

Guys please let logic prevail and think why all the parties who have had cases against them for running SCAMS coming together to oppose PM Narendra Modi (BJP) ?! They simply are scared of his power and motives which are country friendly and NOT POLITICIANS friendly.

Situation of religious freedom and liberty is getting grim with each passing day in India. The pillars of tolerance and liberalism on which our country was founded upon is fast eroding courtesy of crazy nationalists and rabid fundamental bigots. Increasing friction between the relationship between two of the biggest religion groups in the country should be an alarming development for any sensible and responsible citizen of the country.

• Radical Muslims burning down an entire town over a trivial cartoon of the Prophet made by a Hindu boy in West Bengal. Though those same people will abuse Hindu gods over social media without a second thought. What is behind the religious violence in India’s West Bengal?

• Bringing an entire country to halt over a movie on a historical character for “showing their mother in a bad light”. Death threats were issued and nationwide rioting took place. However as the movie got released and there was nothing objectionable in it, they were left red faced and were turned into a butt of jokes.

• Muslim outfits protesting against Kamal Hassan movie Vishwaroopam because it shows al-Qaeda terrorists yelling “Allahu-Akbar”. This is not even religious, I mean every Islamic terror group has got this slogan as their catchphrase. Kamal Haasan reveals who was behind Vishwaroopam controversy, after 4 years

• Worshipping a murderer Shambhu Lal Regar who slaughtered and burnt a man on live camera. I was shocked when he was hailed as a hero by a certain section of society and his tableau was worshipped on Ram Navami. (Not ideal devotees of Lord Rama) Rajasthan shame! Shambhua Lal Regar honoured in tableau in Jodhpur Ram Navami rally, right-wing groups defend act

Perhaps others have mentioned about other issues like corruption, population, terrorists etc but none of them is as serious is this one. Projecting one’s own religion at the expense of others’ is the worst thing that can happen to a religiously diverse countries like India. Things like this drive the people towards internal conflict, destroying their common bonds of ‘Indianism’ and collective harmony.

Beliefs like ‘my religion is in danger’ is nothing but poison dispersed by religious fundamentalists and opportunistic politicians. We as Hindus are not looking to finish Islam and we hope neither are you thinking about conquering India. Please don’t fall for the demagoguery of kakistocrats.

There are few threats in the form of terrorism, poverty, naxalism, gender inequality, poor education system exists, but the biggest and most perilous is communalism. Today it is most widely used as a tool to spread hatred which ultimately leads to acrimony,tension and sometimes riots.

Politicians uses this religion and culture difference to divide people and gain political mileage. Today, mostly government scheme had been structured in the manner that it will bridge the gap between upper mass and lower mass of people on the basis of their respective income but there always present a factor of caste, minority, religion and certain section of community who took the benefit in spurious manner and divide between those groups still remains. That’s the harsh reality of the present and it’s effects are disastrous.

People need to understand that, without wasting any more time, they should stop communalise our social issues, make efforts to eradicate communal tension, start believing in government and judiciary of this country so that the feelings of nationalism should be inculcated in the minds of the people to safeguard the interest of the country.