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It is 6.25pm, oh no!! I am going to be late! The little boy sped his bicycle, as fast as he can. Paddles moving back and forth battling the wind. Only thought rushed through his mind, I can’t be late. He wanted to be home as soon as he can. He waited entire week for this day. His favourite show Looney Tunes, special episode will be aired within few minutes. Windy air was pushing him back but he pushed the paddles as hard as he can. He didn’t care about the opposing wind. In midst of his tiring war, he heard a familiar sound of a bicycle ring, Tring…Tring. The sound was growing with every moment. He turned a little, peeped on the road, oh! it was his big brother. Both grinned at each other for a second. His brother is two years elder to him. Little boy felt a little relieved when he saw him. He wanted to ride together and accompany him. But, his big brother overtook him in few seconds. He shouted, “Don’t rush! Drive carefully! I will take care of everything, don’t you worry.” Little brother was evaluating, All he could hear was blah! Blah!. What did he say? the little one didn’t care much. And within in few moments, his big brother disappeared. The little brother couldn’t believe what just happened? His brother left him on road alone! All by himself. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He wanted to catch up with him and his big brother simply left. He was upset, hurt and angry. So angry at him. All he could think was Betrayal. He was so angry. His cheeks puffed up and eyes fuming with anger. Fury devasted his mind; he paddled hard, The little mighty man, with all his might. Now, the windy air was nothing against his fierceness, he pushed paddles of the bicycle so hard even wind didn’t dare to hinder his speed. And Finally, he was home.

He saw his brother’s bicycle standing outside. Seeing the bicycle, he got pissed and pushed it so hard it fell off. He parked his bicycle and came running into the room to confront his brother. But to his surprise, no one was there. The Special episode of Looney Tones was about to start, he didn’t miss a bit, he felt relieved, his hard work paid off. It was about to start. He cared less about his brother and sat in front of Television. The episode started, title theme was about to end but his brother was nowhere! Although he was angry,’ but he felt worried, ‘where is his brother?’ For a minute he watched but something was troubling him it was not fun without his brother. It is much enjoyable when they watch it together. He shouted Bhaiya( brother)

And a voice came from inside. Coming! His brother came out holding a tray in his hand a bowl of chips, two chilled glass of juice, and his favourite cream biscuits. Placed it on the table. Little brother’s eyes were glittering with sheer delight when he saw all his beloved snacks. He asked in an innocent voice Brother, you did all this? His brother replied yes, we have snacks and Chilled Juice. It will be more amusing to watch the one-hour episode. Little brother said but you missed about a minute. He replied, Doesn’t matter.

The little brother complained you left me on the road I wanted to accompany you. His brother replied house was locked, mother is not at home. I had the key. So I rushed to unlock and I wanted to surprise you with juice and snacks, said big brother in a cheerful voice. I shouted back that I will take care of everything. You drive carefully.

Although little one was angry, but not willing to watch the show alone. He searched for his Brother. He was angry but he cared. His revenge was hitting the bicycle, a small innocent revenge. Here intention was not to harm bicycle or his brother but a burst of anger which instigated him to do so. He later felt guilty of his action and confessed his deed. Little brother love was love but a little immature.

On the contrary, big brother took care of everything. He sped up his bicycle and left early. So that little brother does not ride in a hurry. He tried to convey that I will take care of everything but the little brother didn’t pay attention as he was angry.

He saw how he pushed his bicycle and was not angry at all with him, his action showed maturity. He was occupied in making everything nice and comfortable for his little brother. Thus, he acted maturely; his love is mature. He thought in a wide perspective more then little brother could think of.