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My name is Adeshina Waliyu, a 100 level student( Lautech ogbomosho). There is a matter I have been worrying about, due to fear, I have fall in love with my phone searching for info about the issue. And nairaland is one of the site that I always tend to, to know about what I don’t know because I believe there are many talented people and experienced people that can put me through.

I have read many topics on this nairaland that relate to the issue that’s bothering me yet I still feel like I haven’t see what I need. May be it’s because most of the topic I read were posted like 4 to 5 years ago, sorry to say I feel like Nigeria then is different from today’s Nigeria.

Though at that time I was discouraged but later I got over it (Since physics is my best subject). Then I decided to study physics but getting to 100 level, what am hearing from people around me and my brothers is that I should change my course.. What they are telling me is that physics is among the best course in the world

There’s nothing wrong with studying physics, trust me, you can be anything you desire to be. Just have an open mindset and don’t restrict yourself to few industries like the fellow who has a CGPA of 4.46 in mathematics and telling me he does not like bank jobs.

P.S. Don’t cross to engineering. Unless specified, there’s no role or position that an engineer can apply for that a physicist cannot. Besides, age ain’t on your side. I don’t advise folks your age to study anything engineering related in a public university.

With a degree in Physics, you can work in the Major organisation, Oil and Gas, Banking etc However, ensure that you make the most of your skill. It will do you good to learn how to code (programming). Being able to code alone will make the difference. Also note that many employers are not particular about the course you study, but rather interested in your intellectual capability. Put your heart to your studies and do your best to graduate with a good grade. Also be on the lookout for Scholarships. Finally, I recommend you read this article http://www.nairaland.com/4458613/13-life-lessons-every-nigerian (13 Life Lessons Every Nigerian Student Should Know Before Obtaining A Degree )

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